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ATTENTION- Mothers of Breastfed babies who wont take bottle..... Lock Rss

After buying every type of teat available I have discovered the "Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple". My daughter has never been able to learn to drink from a teat, she would always push it out instantly. I found these teats that are designed to use the same action as when they breastfeed and she took to it instantly and finally I can give her expressed breastmilk-yay!

Thought this might help any others looking at weaning or just wanting a night off.
Hi Donna,
I too have a collection of teats that resembles a chemist, and still have had no luck with getting a night off smile
I saw these teats at coles but could only find 4 months+, are these the ones u tried?, I was not sure as Paige is 8 months and thought they may be too slow or something, or if there is an older age group teat.
Hi Elz and Donna,

I have to agree with you Donna, i had the same success as you. My son was having problems with the wide neck varieties like Avent, and the thinner ones, i just could never find the right teat that he was comfortable with. I saw the pigeon ones and i had instant success. I still use the same 4 i bought about 10 months ago.

I bought the 7 or 9 month up ones, i can't remember which it was. So Elz keep on looking as there is definately some older ones out there.

Good luck,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Elz,

My daughter Lucy also rejected many teats until a lactation consultant recommended the pigeon peristaltic. She is now 5 months and is unfortunately bottle fed as she self-weaned about 6 weeks ago. I ust the Y style teat as it allows the baby to regulate how much or how little flow of milk they want. It is rec for 4 moths+. We havent looked back!!

Lans, NSW baby girls 20/04/04 & 17/04/2007

I bought that bottle teat last week as soon as I got home I tryed her on it and she took it straight away. A few days later I left her with my mum while me and my partner went out to the movies and dinner and when I got back mum said that she wouldn't take it, and she hasn't taken it since.
I have the 'Y' teats. I didn't know that they had older ones, but they suit us fine as my milk doesn't really flow that freely and that's what she's used of.

But they are fantastic, Tahlia 'latches on' just like it's a breast and the action is nearly identical. Even tho she has water from a sippy cup spout she could never adjust to a bottle, it was all too confusing!

hi again,
I forgot to ask, do they fit on the Avent Wide neck bottles, or do I have to buy a Pigon ones?
They nearly fit lol. I bought it with the pigeon bottle, but I tried it with the avent bottle. Not sure whether it will leak or not so didn't try.

I know that's not much of a help.

Yes, it does fit the avent bottles, they're the bottles that I had to use.
Thanks everyone
I'm now on the hunt for the teats for a 8 month old
after a son who would suck on anything that had food coming out of it, it was a shock, when stella wasn´t having a bar of the plastic nipple ( and might i add, the collection is vast!). to other n.z. readers, does anyone know if these miraculous pigeon ones are available in n.z.? i´m getting a bit desperate here... any advice appreciated.
hooray she took the bottle stef is 8 1/2 months old and until today i had had no success i read about the pigeon peristaltic yesterday and went to the shops to get one this afternoon i decided to give it a go didnt bother expressing because i thought she wouldnt take it so i made some formula she dove in drank the whole lot stopped 3/4 of the way through and gave me a big smile then continued

i had tried all the other teat/nipples around using formula and expressed milk with no luck she would just refuse

thank you to every one who has written in you all helped i wish there was some way to let everyone know about the pigeon peristaltic we used the 2-3 month y nipple

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

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