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Changing Diet whilst BFing Lock Rss

Okay, I have only 12wks before I am going to be a bridesmaid and I desperately need to shift some of my baby (cadbury chocolate) weight. I am worried if I change my diet that it will effect my bub - make her have a sick belly or constipated...etc. I'd just be swapping junk for more veg and fruit, plus cutting out my breads.
Has anyone changed their diet whilst BF? any tips!
Can't go wrong with a healthier diet smile Your milk will be fine. Cutting out the junk may be all you need to do, as the feeding might do the rest smile

If you do diet, just make sure you're eating enough to keep YOU healthy, most stuff I've read suggest not going below 1500-1800 calories a day while breastfeeding, as losing weight too suddenly (more than 1kg per week, I think) can release toxins into your blood stream, which then go into your breastmilk. So no crazy crash diets- not that you should do that to your body, feeding or not smile

If you do as you're planning- cut out the junk and starchy, white carbs, up your wholegrains, fruit, veg and protein and drink plenty of water, you'll be fine, and more likely to keep it off long term.

Good luck, and be gentle on yourself, you did just have a baby! smile
Weight Watchers is a great one to do whilst breastfeeding, as they take this in to consideration.. I was doing WW before getting pregnant, and plan on doing it again after bub arrives (while I'm breastfeeding).
Good Luck smile
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