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My 8mth old lost alot of weight while she was sick and we are trying to build it back up. I have been told to give her one or two formula bottles a day but she is refusing the bottle. I have tried a sipper cup and a normal cup, no success. I 've tried sliding it in just after taking out the breast when she is really tired, she takes two sucks, opens her eyes and pushes it away, then goes looking for the breast. Its not the taste of the formula she doesn't like because i put it in her farex this morning instead of breast milk and she was fine, and i've tried breastmilk in the bottle and she wouldn't drink it, even when i squeezed some in her mouth so she knew what it was.
Any ideas, can anyone help????

jannette, NSW,.11, 10 and 4 year old beautiful gir

Will she take it in food eg give her an extra bowl or 2 of farex a day??? Mayb go to the chemist and ask if there is a natural food booster that you can add to her food that might help her with weight gain! A girlfriend of mine had something similar happen to her baby and I recall her getting something from the chemist that she added to her childs food once or twice a day that was suppose to speed up her weight gain. However I cant remember what it was called but if you go to the chemist they may be able to help you. My babies were bottle fed due to me having problems with them latching onto the breast. however I expressed for as long as I could so they were getting 50 / 50. so I was lucky in the sense that they were used to the bottle, so other then this I cant give you any advice on going from breast to bottle!! hope this helps anyway and good luck!!!
My DD, about the same age, was the same. She totally refused a bottle of any sort, so as soon as solids started I gave her the formula mixed with her rice cereal and mashed with avocado banana she was getting the calories that way. She was a huge eater until she went on to cows milk, now she eats very little sad

She stayed a slim/small baby though, until 12-13 months when I stopped breastfeeding and put her on cows milk, now she is about the 50% so normal.

You can only do what you can do, if she refuses, as long as she is healthy in other ways, then try not to worry, she will catch up smile

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