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is there early signs when getting Mastitis? Lock Rss

hi ladies

haven't been on for a while, but need some advise.

i am still bf my 11 week old and starting last night, one breast started to get quite sore. its only on one side and only on about a quarter of the boob, but its really sore to touch, just the slightest touch is really painfull. is is not red on the skin, nor can i feel any lumps, so i dont think its mastitis or a blocked duct. its not the engorgement feeling, but does feel sore when the let down happens. its almost like a burning sting if that makes any sense.

DS3 can still feed and it hurts a bit when he does, but not as much as when i touch or even just bump it. is it the begining of mastitis, or the start of a duct blocking up? i dont want to rush off to the drs, but i will if it doesnt go away.

any suggestions of what it might be?

I went through that when I was breast feeding my little one. No redness until a few days after the pain started. Went to the Dr and was told I had mastitis. So go get it checked out. It might be the beginning of mastitis, and better to get it checked now and on to antibiotics if it is then risk it getting worse.

It could be either. Best to get it checked out. By the time I was switched on, I was having chills, fevers & rigors. Good luck. I got it 3 times in varying degrees with no.2. funny, I didn't know what I was doing with no.1 & had no problems. Wierd
as PPs said its worth going to the Dr or at least ringing the local maternity ward to ask what they think. honestly my mastitis went from a slight tenderness to full on infection in less then 24hrs so dont leave it. id rather give birth again then get bad mastitis anyday, but mine was really bad it just came on so quick, best to be safe then sorry xx
It could be thrush.

It happened to me too. The first time was both breasts, took some panadol, and just kept on expressing.
2 weeks later, only the right breast hurts, knew straight away was a sign of mastitis, did the same thing...panadol, expressed...and kept feeding my lil one on that painful breast, it went away the next day. a week later, it came back again on the same breast...did the same thing... now its all fine. Its just your breasts are producing more than enough milk for ur lil one. just keep expressing, and you'll be fine...
Take care.


Absolutely sounds like a blocked duct. Follow the suggestions here and if it does not clear within 12 hours of doing that, go STRAIGHT to a Dr, or emergency room. Also head there immediately if you get any flu like symptoms.

Hope that helps xox

It could be mastitis. And have you heard that it happens when you are lack in specific probiotic strains. You can talk to your doctor about probiotics whilst breastfeeding. smile
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