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Breast to Bottle Feeding Lock Rss

My partner and i decided i would express so he could look after our 8 week old alone (mummy not always having to be around to feed). We tried giving him the bottle but no matter how we positioned him or the bottle he couldn't 'latch' on to it, every time we tried it would just end in baby crying and a frustrated daddy.

Does anyone have any tips or advice that could help?
Im really desperate to get out of the house for more then an hour without having to drag out LO everywhere.
I comp-fed with the Tommee Tippee closer to nature set with no problems. My kid took to it straight away.

A friend was having problems getting her boy to start the bottles at 9 months old. She fed him a late night feed once with the bottle and from then on he took it anytime she offered. She believed it was because her son was so tired he didn't care where it came from or what it smelt like.

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