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How long after stopping BFing did your boobs go back to "normal" Lock Rss

Obviously as with everything else, we are all different. I was a DD before my pregnancies. After DD1 I dropped to a D. I am due to finish feeding DD2 probably in a few months, and already I'm sure I'm down to a C. I'm scared I'll finish up with nothing! I don't want to stop ...

Mind you, I have lost a lost of weight after each child, especially my 2nd, so that's obviously a factor too.
hi there i know what your saying when your still waiting after 6 months i bf my ds for 5 months and i was a D before and a E while bf. after i stopped i went to DD, this time i have not even started bf yet and im at a G i didnt put on any weight or lose and between my DS and this one, so they might just not go all the way back to "normal"

It vaires so much from person to person. I'm still doing 1 feed before bed a day and am 10 weeks pregnant but have still managed to drop from a DD to a C (was D pre pregnancy) very sad sad When i' done next time i think they may just disapear.

mine went from small B to Ccup my first preg and D when BF..but towards the end of BF i went back down to a C and have stayed there everafter. the only times ive changed since is back up to a D when my milk came in with DS1 and now with almost back to a C again as my milks settleing. i think it varies for everyone.
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