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Burping Techniques Rss

Morning smile

I have a little bub who is now 10 days old, I am having a heap of trouble burping him... He is a brilliant feeder, but after he is done I very rarely get a burp out of him, I try putting him over my shoulder and holding him on my lap whilst holding his chin and patting his back. The last few days he has been doing a massive throw up after a couple of feeds (where no burp has followed) I feel horrible because I know you have to burp your baby after every feed but I just can't get him to no matter how long I sit there patting his back sad is there any special ways to help him burp? Other than the ways I am trying?
actually I find that laying them on their tummy for a little while can help force the burp up
Hey Vea,

I just read about these last night - some burping suggestions aside from the ones u have tried are:
- Gently rub up on child's left side of back (like u are smoothing wallpaper/contact. This helps guide the burp from stomach up and out.
- Lay bub on its stomach over your arm and gentle pat back
- Gently pat bub on bottom while holding up on ur shoulder.

Hope one of these work!!
What works for us with little man is i sit him on my knee and gently giggle my leg and tap him gently on the back and i rub inbetween which normally helps. Or we len him foward then back and he burp. If all else fails i walk around with his head over my shoulder and tap him on the back and show him things normally it works within 5 minutes.

Hubby actually has his own way he lay little man on his stomach and he just rubs his back which works every time.

my 3 1/2 week old is pretty much the same. she burps great for the first half of her feed, but i struggle to get any more burps after that. other than perseverance, you could try gripe water or infants friend, you can get both at the chemist. check the label what age you can use them but i'm sure with infants friend you can use it when they are only 10 days old. i used to use infants friend with dd1, and will probably start using it again for dd2, and it works, just be careful not to spill it as it does stain. good luck and congrats on your little boy smile
do you burp bub halfway thru the feed? if not try pulling bub off the breast halfway thru and giving a burp then put back on the same side and then burp again inbetween sides if bub does have both. i found with my 1st bub that she was doing big pukes as well because she would have a bubble of air from gulping the fast flowing let down (esp in the early days when your still really full) and then the hind milk would sit on top, so when the bubble came up so did the good thick milk..this meant she wasnt fully satisfied and didnt sleep long. as soon as i started burping halfway she was much better.
another idea is to feed bub so their body is as upright as possible (less air will go into their tum) and lean back yourself if your letdown is very fast so bub wont gulp so much and swallow air. prevention is best IMO smile

as far as just techniques.. i find over the shoulder alternating from rubbing circles over their back (as a pp said) and patting works and if i havnt got a burp in say 10mins ill put bub down and let them have a kick and even a little cry then try again..sometimes the movement helps
my ds is hard to burp too smile techniques that help us are sitting him up facing me and kind of swaying him side to side slowly or lying him on my knees facing me and bicycling his legs. He cries if I try burp him over my shoulder... think it squashes his wee tummy when its so full!

I have tried all different ways. Its good to go through them all when your trying to get a stubborn burp up!

One way i find good is carrying them around with one arm under there arms so there legs are hanging and it lifts their rib cage and helps bring a burp up. I usually just walk around doing things while burping.

I always try gentle burping first though as you dont want to bring up the feed with it.
I put my bub on my lap and put my hand were her chin is and rub her back sometimes she wont burb and i lay her on her back for like a min then when i pick her up to try again she has a massive burb and she sometimes spews to sometimes alot I think it happens when bubs get alot of wind

My boys were both really terrible burpers and I ended up relying a lot on gripe water but in terms of techniques I used:

- Hand under chin and patting back from bottom to top, it seems to jiggle any wind out
- Hand under chin and rubbing back in the same sort of motion as above suggestion
- Lay baby on your knees (facing forward) and pat or rub back. It helps to put sonething under your feet (eg. white pages) to raise your knees that little bit higher too
- Baby with head over shoulder and patting/rubbing back
- The best one I found though, is to sit baby on your knee with your hand under their chin and sit them up as straight as they can. Support their back with your free hand so their spin is very straight. Its the same as us stretching or sitting up straight if we have a burp trapped in our bellies smile This one never fails for me and if mixed with the patting/rubbing techniques it seems to ensure all trapped wind is brought up.

Hope thats helped a little bit smile
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