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Hi all, so my lo is 8 months he was bf until 7 months. When starting solids he ended up badly constipated we were at the doctors all the time. His diet consisted of pears fruit yoghurt and sweet potato. He also drank additional water and still got clogged up. So at 7 months he started on formula s26 gold. Been 4 weeks now. Constipation is even worse. He has heaps of water. He has prunes pear apricots, sweet potato. I just don't no what to do as the dr has him on movicol and lactulose when it gets really bad suppositories. So yesterday I bought nan ha gold to try. I just don't no where to go from here. I try not to give him all those medications as its not nice on his belly. Has anyone got any advice. I think ill get a refferal to a peadiatrician, however the closest one is 3 hours drive...
It's farely common for formula to back them up abit.

There's a formula sold at the chemist called 'Novalac- constipation' I used it for my DD1 when she was little and it was FANTASTIC!!

Constipation's a horrible thing to watch them go through. Both of my girls have suffered from it.

Good luck and I hope it clears up soon smile
I have found s26 does make them constipated my Ds is 11 weeks and i took him off s26 due to constipation but we have found that Nan Pro gold has cleaned him out n he seem to be happier on it. But apparently s26 does make a lot of babies constipated only reason i used it was he was taking it when in special care he was born at 36w n 6d and I found it hard to bf thats why he went back to formula.
My DS was bf but weaned himself off at 8 months. I tried him on s26 - but he had a reaction (eczema) so I asked my pharmacist what the best formula was for BF babies and he recommended novolac - stage 2. My bub has had absolutely no issues with it - poos the same and is gaining weight at the same rate.
Change the formula to Nan Ha Gold. Its more expensive but its well worth it. My daughter was on S26 when she was a newborn and a friend recommended me Nan Ha Gold. That formula is easy to digest aswell...
S26 has a bit of a reputation to constipate babies.

I have used both Karicare and Mamia (from Aldi) and love them both.

A friend has alot of problems with constipation and was told to go back to using stage 1 formulas, they have a protein or something that is easier on the system so you could try that.
we had probs with s26gold causing constipation.

we swapped to karicare gold.
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