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Breast Feeding preparation with inverted nipples Lock Rss

Hi all,
I have not one, but TWO inverted nipples. Both my mother and my sister had trouble breastfeeding as it seems to be a hereditary problem.
Both of my nipples are inverted. Not flat, very definitely inverted. They have never been seen in the wild. I have done some research and always read that babies are BREAST-fed, not NIPPLE-fed which made me feel a bit better about it all. But as my due date approaches my confidence is waning.
My midwife has suggested wearing nipple shells in the third trimester and she also recommended I sign up for breastfeeding classes. So I'll be going to a breastfeeding class soon when I'm about 6 months along.
Has anybody used nipple shells or the Avent Niplette to help evert their nipples? With any success? I've been trying the Hoffman technique for months but with little success - one side gets to nearly 'flat' for about 30 seconds and the other refuses to play at all.
I only just found out yesterday that the Avent Niplette even exists but it is not recommended for the third trimester as it could induce labour so I've got about 2 weeks left to try it out! But the shells are recommended for third trimester so I have plenty of time to give that a go.
ANY advice would be very welcome and very much appreciated!
Thanks all...and happy new year!
I didn't ever have inverted nipples but they were completely flat and i was really worried about breastfeeding too. I didn't do anything special while pregnant but had a lactation consultant see me the first day as my poor DD couldn't attach at all and they gave me the shield then. She was fine with that and i used it every feed for 4 months before my nipples sorted themselves out a bit and i was able to feed fine without them.

I'm not sure how different flat to inverted is but i hope this makes you feel a little better. It sounds like you are doing all the right things in preperation going to the classes and everything, hopefully when the time comes, everything will work out. Good luck grin

I have "flat-ish" nipples, they aren't totally flat, but only ever protrude 1cm at the absolute most. While they do breast feed, it definitely makes it harder. I used nipple shields for about 3 months before I managed to wean bubs off of them and now feeding fine without them.
A friend of mine has inverted nipples, she tried the niplette with little success and reverted to just using nipple shields, she successfully fed for 11 months, only stopping when she wanted to start trying for their second.
I have a friend who has inverted nipples and she has had 5 kids and managed to breast feed with nipple shields so I wouldnt give up hope! best of luck smile
I also have flatish nipples (some MV said were flat -others said fine, I just got confused by the whole thing!) & while I had a lot of difficulty breast feeding it wasnt due to attachment -& I used nipple shields as well.

I think that by preparing & educating yourself is the best thing you can be doing -you will find this empowering when it comes to feeding.

Be prepared to try different strategies / positions etc. Feeding with shields is fine & many mums manage to wean off the shields as well over time (weeks to months). A GF of mine who had her bubs a few weeks before me used to use the shiled to help get attachement then slip the shield out once her nipple was out far enough, I fed the whole feed with them on, so see what works for you 2. Don't be afraid to try without them to start & see how bubs goes (I didn't start using them until my milk came through).

Goodluck, & do what suits you & bubs.
Thanks all! Much appreciated. smile
i have inverted/flat nipples. i successfully BF by daughter for 18 months using a nipple shiled. i had no idea they were like this until it came time to feed her for the first time. i am 26 weeks this monday and i am going to BF again. but would like to know of ideas on how to get my nipples ready. i do say though after my hubby has groomed them so to speak, they stand at attention. so i may be ok. im going to ask the doc at my next appt about it and what i can do. i have heard of the nipplette, but not heard of anyone who has used it.

Hi all,
I want to share my experience as I was furiously searching for info online before each of my kiddos arrived.

I have 2 very inverted nipples. When my son was born 2 years ago, he couldn't latch on, so I was advise to use a breast pump for the first few days. I wasn't able to get any colostrum so he was supplemented with formula, and by the time my milk came in my nipples were so raw from the pumping that having him latch even with shields was horribly painful. He ended up exclusively formula fed from a week old (and thrived! grin )

I wanted to try again with number two so talked to a LC and came up with a game-plan. She got me hand expressing colostrum from 34 weeks pregnant, which was a great help in the first days after my daughter was born for easing the pressure of making sure she was getting plenty to eat. I hand expressed (as well as attempting to latch) until my milk came in so as not to cause undue injury. And after that, using nipple shields allowed my daughter to latch without any trouble. For the first month or so it hurt a lot at the start of each feed, but it was bearable.

My daughter is now 12 weeks old, and breastfeeding is a breeze, all those troubles seem like a lifetime ago. I use a shield for every feed, but it's a lifesaver, haven't been aware of any negatives of it, so will continue to i definitely.

Hope any of this helps, good luck!!!!!!!

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