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9 month old drinking cows milk Lock Rss

Hi guys,

My 8 month old DD has been fully formula fed since she was four months old and last night my partner was having a glass of milk and he gave her some and she seemed to really like it so we put some full cream cows milk in a bottle for her and added the same amount of water so it was half and half.

I was thinking that maybe i should give her one half and half bottle of cows milk and water after her dinner at night so that when she is 12 months old it wont be such a big change for her.

What do you guys think? do you think that it is okay or it could cause problems?

also what age did you start your kids on cows milk? my mum had me on cows milk at 8.5 months because she was pregnant with my brother and couldnt breastfeed anymore.
If your going to do it, dont bother putting water in it. If bubs is going to react to it, she will do anyway & then you will have to start weaning her from that onto full strength milk.
I little bit everyday isent going to hurt. I started my little girl on cows milk at almost 11 1/2 months and now she is 1 week off being 12 months and I have fully stopped BF as of a few days ago and I offer cows milk in a cup after every main meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner)But I dont add any water and never have so my advise is dont bother adding water. I offered my little girl a bit of cows milk in a cup after breakfast before started to wean her off to get used to the taste.
It's not so much an allergy problem that you have to look out for, it's that nutritionally cow's milk will not provide everything a 9 month old needs from milk. Milk is still a fairly large part of their diet at this age, and they need breastmilk or formula to get all the nutrients their growing bodies need. Cow's milk will not provide these nutrients. It is fine to give her a bit to try, but for her bottles she should be having formula/breastmilk until she is one.
Mine was just over 1. But when they ready they are. As long as they eating well for nutrients
thanks ladies.

I wasnt putting the water in it for allergy reasons but for the risk of constipation as i was told when you are first starting a baby on cows milk to do half and half so they dont get constipated.

I wasnt going to stop her formula feeding till she is 12 months as like some of you said the cows milk doesnt have all the nutrients they need but i just wasnt sure if giving cows milk and formula at this age would have any problems.

Thanks again xx
Coincidentally, I asked the doctor the same thing. I am still breastfeeding my 14mth old but want to ween tbem off. As Lisa said for nutrional reasons, the doctor suggested formula (if u can afford it) until 18mths.
with my DD she was b/f 100% only till 1yr then introduced toddle formular which she didn't like so stopped with that then put her onto cows milk. even that was a pain i has to mix it with stawberry flavouring (whether mil was diluted with water or not) she still had b/f just at lunch time as that was the easiest way to garantee that she would sleep (she hardly slept once she turned 6mths!)

DS- he was b/f till 10mths as once i went to work he became lazy and didn't like the boob and wanted a bottle so he had 4months of toddler formula as well as cows milk not dialted from 10months on...

IMO- giving a child cows milk from 10months (9weeks before turning 1) shouldn't be an issue at that age a child is eatting almost anything... well my kids were eatting anything anyways!
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