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When did you introduce the cup? Lock Rss

Just curious, Charles can drink water from a sippy cup now, and water from a normal cup, but I'm wondering when parents made the transition from bottles to cups (obviously we aren't planning on doing it soon)

Both my DS's solely had cups and no more bottles at 11months. DS1 we just swapped over in few days. With DS2 we offered milk in a cup here and there from 6months and then let him finish what he did not drink fro
Bottle. Both have made adjustment easily. In fact DS2 was never fussed about feeding or bottles but from about 13-14months became really attached to his cup so I am glad he doesn't have a bottle as I am not sure he wouldn't give it up easily if treated it like he treats his cup. In the motnings he walks around with teddy under one arm and cup under other. Even if he doesn't want to drink it, he gets a lot of comfort from just holding it.
From what I remember DD was drinking easily from our cups from about 6-7 months. I gave her a cup of her own to drink from around 12 months. She now uses a cup whenever practical but a toddler sipper cup when we go out (just easier for me to shove in my bag).
We use a cup at home for water, like others use a sippy cup when going out with 9 m.o

I still put her expressed milk into a bottle, simply because she spills a bit and I don't want the milk wasted. As soon as she can manage to drink water without spilling I will send her to daycare with cups rather than bottles, hoping to have her off bottles altogether by 12 months.

If I was FF I would probably just let her cup drink now, it's just that expressing is sometimes difficult so I want every drop to end up in her tummy

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