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Seem to be losing milk supply baby is 4 months Lock Rss


I have been breast feeding since Zara was born and she is just over four months. I have never had an issue with supply it has actually been quite the opposite. I used to be able to pump at least 120-140mls a day to store for my mum to look after her. Now I am finding that I am getting only about 20mls. Starting to get concerned as my supply in the freezer has almost gone and if I can't pump more by next week I will have to consider formula for when my mum looks after her.

I don't have an issue with giving her formula if I have no milk for her but I would like to try to make 6 months of breast feeding until she is on solids. Any ideas and for those formula people what brand did you find best after breast feeding, and how would I go about introducing formula? Do I need to give a certain feed first?
hi! my baby is the same age as yours, i have been giving him a bottle of formula before his bed time to get him used to it, at first i tried karicare but he didnt like it so now im giving him nuture, all you need is to get newborn formula then its up to her what brand she likes! smile
Thanks, I might give that a go next week if nothing changes. I think I have less supply as last night she was up every 2-3 hours like a new born. Maybe a growth spurt shall wait and see. Did you notice a change in sleeping overnight with your baby when you introduced formula?
Firstly i love your daughters name smile

My dd2 is the same age and im finding that i struggle to express milk too, where i used to get heaps. I find that first thing in the morning i can get the most. However when i return to work in two weeks she will just have to have formula at daycare (it will only work out to one feed) so i think im just going to permantly drop that feed so i dont leak milk at work.
You sound like me and had more than enough when they were really little but then they tend to calm down after about 3-4 months and supply only what is demanded. I don;t think you would be drying up unless you are missing lots of feeds.

Also my guess is that she is also now catching up a bit as your little one is getting bigger. She would be drinking more and leaving you less to express.

As they grow and drink more your breasts are stimulated to produce more milk so if you want some extra you will have to convince your body that it is needed. I would suggest putting her at the breast more often to help stimulate more milk production, maybe pop the pump on for 10 mins or so inbetween feeds so that you can get your milk supply up again.

Some people swear by got compresses or hot showers to stimulate milk production though personnally I never noticed much difference it can't hurt to try.

And drink LOTS of water too!

Expressing when you miss a feed is also a way to top up freezer supplies.

Hi there, You can actually take medication called matilium (not 100% sure of the spelling) and it can help to boost the supply. You need to get a script from your GP to get it.
The lactation consultant at our hospital has told me to get fenugreek and blessed thistle capsules brand is natures way to increase milk supply.

This is a natural way to increase milk supply, some women have it increase overnight some can take a bit longer.

The hospital recomends this before using the domperidome and other drugs as it often can work better. there is alot of info online about using it and alot of forums where mums have put there results. - this link is the website the hospital gave me to read up on.

Well done on feeding so far and good luck for the future with bubs.

take care smile
Hi there... I had the same problem when my son was about 3...4 months old.. Everytime I fed him he was not getting enought so he would cry... I also never had problems with supply and I found that if you keep swaping boobs every 40 seconds or so, every feed, the milk supply will come back. It worked for me and i am still breastfeeding my baby who is now 9 months old.
Good luck and I hope you get your milk supply back because bf is so special!
hello , I had this problem
I expressed after every feed.
Also express during night if baby asleep for a long period...which does not sound like it....

I gave bottles of booby milk at night...ensuring she was getting enough

the formula can upset there little bellies constipation may happen and tummy ache

only because breast milk is so pure and easy to digest

if you pump the crap out of ya boobs with in aweek you have enough milk I can insure you of this!! good luck

youcould just pump every 2 hours and feed baby on bottle for most of day
You're not losing your milk supply, you're just evening out to what your baby requires. It's normal as the baby gets older to seem to have less. How much you are able to express is not a good indicator either.

To me it sounds like you are not getting a let-down when you express. Can be very hard to stimulate this when bub is not there and even harder if you are using a manual pump.

Something that worked for me was to feed my baby on one side and express at the same time on the other - when you have a let down you will notice the flow is stronger and you will get a better volume of milk. If you look on breastfeeding info websites you will get some pointers about expressing and stimulating your let-down.

Of course if you can't manage, you can continue to breastfeed when you are with bub and give formula when you are not able to.

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Well seems to have all worked out I am thinking was just a growth spurt as she grew heaps and I can now express just as I was before.

I took most peoples advice I tried formula - 1st night she took a little bit next night a bit more then refused it from then on. Weird..

I also started pumping once a day even though I didn't get much out after about three days my supply was better she was sleeping (back to normal for her waking at around 11 and then at about 3-4am for feeds) and I was getting more when I pumped.

Thanks for all your answers I have another Q which I will also start another thread on. Lately she has been refusing a bottle which she has never done before. Wondering if ther is any suggestions on how to get her back to taking it or now that she is 5 months should I try with a sippy cup or something similar.
With regards to the first question, I had supply problems from the start. Blessed thistle vastly increased my supply, although could never get more than 70mls at a time. I managed to do some breast feeding until 8 months. Your little one may need a different type of teat on the bottle now.

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