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Confused about my 4 month old Lock Rss

Hi all,
Im having a very hard time with my 4.5mth old. He is generally happy baby apart from feed time. He currently is having 4 bottles a day ranging from 100-150ml (plus a night feed of 90ml)
Every bottle is hard to get down him though, he either plays with it (babbles and pulls it in n out his mouth) or cries grunts squirms arches back..he does this nearly every dinner bottle. Doing this has lead me to belive he has silent reflux, along with symptoms such as chewing a while after a feed, wet burps, frequent hiccups,poor sleep habits (although alot better since sortin his wind issue).
My main real point i was so busy with family over that when i looked at the clock it had been 5hrs since last feed so we fed him and he had 210ml no fuss...4 hrs later he woke after a nap i thought he would want a bottle...nope he squirmed and grunted when it went near him...gave him some puree and he was happy having some of that...1.5hts later i managed to get 90ml into him before bed.
Im the one feeding him every 4hrs rather then him wanting it as i think and longer is too long. Should i try just feed him when he wants it to see if he drinks calmly and a full bottle? Does he want puree everyday?
A few thoughts...

Firstly, my DD is breastfed, but around the 4 month mark she started coming on and off during feeds, babbling, getting distracted etc. The milk is always there, but that person walking past isn't. So I read that and thought yeah that's just a developmental thing and hate to say it, that will only get worse smile But it's cute too

Then I read on. As they get older they do drop feeds. I'd try and follow your bubs cues about feeding, especially if when he does have milk he wants to have a big amount and doesn't fuss. If bub was hungry and still fussing as you described then I would think yes, maybe reflux but from what you are describing perhaps your baby is just setting his own routine

As for the solids, at this age it is far mnore important that he has milk - it has more calories, more nutrients and really should be the staple for the next 4 or 5 months at least, so I would suggest that you offer solids only if he's had the milk and seems unsatisfied, otherwise you risk filling him up on solids. Hope this has helped you a bit. If you genuinely believe it's reflux, try some infant gaviscon or something (which is over the counter) and see if it changes things, but I think if it was reflux you would be seeing the issues with every or almost every feed.

P.S sleep disturbances also become common around this age, heaps of people post asking why there 4 + month old is suddenly waking, it's not necessarily related to food... they just become scallywags!

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My DS1 was also into food and could down a full bottle of milk in 2mins. However with DS2 it was a different story from the moment he started to become aware of his surroundings he was never really into feeding. He was happy enough when awake but did not settle well for naps as then he would be hungry. It was so bad that at home I had to feed him in a dark room and if someone walked past the room then that feed was over regardless of how much he had drunk. He was like this for both breast and bottle feeding. The only time he would drink well was just before a sleep or at night which went against me try to persist with a feed/play/sleep routine. Distraction can be a major interuption to feeding. My DS2 actually was so bad that his weight plataued and he dropped from above 50th percentile to 5th. Try a nice quite place and see if that helps.
My DD is very similiar. She's 7 months but only has 120 mls, I have introduced solids and she seems to enjoy that more than the bottle and sometimes she'll only have 90 mls.
I feed her every 4 hours, but if I go over time a little she never seems to whinge or cry because she is hungry.
I basically give my DD solids 3 times a day; I give her her bottle an hour before hand and then I give her some of the solids.
Maybe make an appointment with your GP just to air your concerns and check that it isn't reflux or anything else causing the fussing.
Good luck with it all.
My son is exactly the same as this!! He does have severe reflux and dairy allergies but these are well under control now and he is still a fussy feeder and i think this isnt't actually related to any of his problems. He is 5 months old and is having around 4 150 - 200ml bottles a day, i have to wait until he is really hungry or 4 hours (whichever comes first) before i feed him, he has to be fed in a quiet, dim room with no distraction and usually what was a 40min marathon feed time is over and done with in 15 mins. Sometimes it would seem he will happily go hours without a feed!

He will take any sort of solid food you give him any time of day even after a 200ml feed, but is happy enough on just milk and sleeps through the night as long as hes had 700 - 800 ml during the day. I think some babies just prefer food over milk! But that doesnt neccessarily mean thats what they need.

Tips i have is try feed him either straight after a sleep or straight before if possible (though if its reflux they recommend keeping upright after feeds)when DS is drowsy he feeds much better, keep solids to a minimum as this could fill him up and have an effect on his feeding. Feed in a quiet room (we cant even have the TV on, it is so boring but it wont be forever). DS is also more fussy with feeding late afternoon or if he has gas, we are trialing a baby probiotic at the moment to see if this helps his digestion and gas. Get him checked for reflux too, some reflux suppresants or meds may just solve some of these problems. Calculate how much he has had over a 24 hr period (after a few days you will figure out how much he takes on a good day), if my son has had less than 700ml in a day i wake him for an extra feed around 10. Sometimes he doesnt finish a few bottles may have only 100ml one bottle but 230ml the next and over a day he has actualy had a fair bit, so thats what i go by rather than worrying about time between and amount drunk each time.

Goodluck hope feeding time can become a bit easier for both of you smile
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