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when to stop breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hello I have a healthy 7 month old baby and I love breastfeeding and she seems to as well!! however I do have to go back to work 4 months and I was wondering what age did you stop breastfeeding your little one?

I was thinking I would like to make it as smooth as possible for DD and she has got alot of separation anxiety at the moment.....I guess this will pass in a few months I have been told...... so I was thinking when she is like 10 months old or something I think I would stop.
she is not a big eater like today she had milk only but is teething so that explains her mouth is saw...

They say I should be giving her solids first at 8 months so we will try this soon and hopefully she wont be so dependent on the milk....

I love breastfeeding as its just so special but I do have to go back to work partime as some point... soon...And I am not really that keen to be expressing at work so I guess formula will be the go...
how long do babies have formula for ?
sorry for all the questions I am a first time mum and dont know this stuff!! Thanks heaps people I appreciate your helping me!! and DD.!
I stopped at breast feeding 12 months with ds1 and dd (ds2 is still bf) for a few reason
I was ready
My babies were ready
They could go straight onto cows milk so I didn't need to buy formula

Just do what you and your child feel right with. There is no right or wrong

Good luck

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if you love bf, there is no reason to stop. You can just supplement feed when you are at work - especially if you are only working part time.
dd1 stopped feeding regularly at 2.5 had no more feeds after 3 and dd2 is currently 2.5 and is still bf but usually just at night.

You can bf for as long as you and bub want.

You can express milk before or after work or when your on break and keep it frozen or in the fridge for bub to have when your not there. Saves you buying formula, keeps you bf and keeps you comfortable (when you stop breastfeeding your breast wont automatically stop producing milk so can get over full and sore).
PERSONALLY thats what id do. Its less fuss and costs less and you still get to spend that lovely time with bub.

You might find that if your baby hasn't had a bottle before she might not take to it very well for a while so id suggest getting someone else to feed her with breast milk from a bottle for a while before you go back to work. Not every feed but the ones she will be bottle fed when your working.

With my dd I always offered her milk one hour before a meal. For example at 7 months her routine looked a bit like this
7am -wake up and bottle
8am - breakfast (usually baby cereal,fruit,yogurt or toast)
10am - sleep
11:30 - wake and bottle (I would allow her to sleep up until 12 but any later and it mucked up arvo)
12:30 - lunch (I always gave one savory followed by one sweet at meals so maybe mashed vege followed by puree fruit)
2-2:30pm -sleep
4-4:30pm - wake up (small snack if she wanted)
5pm - tea
6pm- shower/bath
6:45pm - cuddle, bottle and bed

Thats just to give you a rough idea of how I did solids. I watched dd for signs she was ready to drop a milk feed like fussing, not drinking as much, eating more solids, sleeping through milk feed times. When she was ready I offered half the amount of milk and it got to the stage she just pushed it away.

Dd is 18 months now and has a bottle in the morning of cows milk and another before bed at night. The morning one she is starting to drink alot less so we are switching to a cup of milk with breakfast.

Hope I've helped.
Good luck.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

When you go back to work your DD will be 11 months old?

At 11 months old both my DD's were only breast feeding first thing in the morning and last things at night before bed.

The only other time they had milk was at lunchtime with their meals, and I served it in a sippy cup.

If you like breast feeding and want to continue then there is no reason for you to stop.

A month or so before you go back just cut back to 2 feeds.
In regards to formula - can be given for as long as you like. Some companies advertise formula for 3 years olds.

Personally I think formula is unnecessary. From the age of 12 months a varied diet plus cows milk as a drink is going to meet babies nutritional needs.

And you can keep a early morning/night time breast feed going for as long as you like too.
hello Hey thanks alot people you have all helped me in making a decision

Yer Dd will be about 11 months old when I go back to work
If its only a feed in the morninga and evening then that would be cool not too much trouble as I dont have much time at work to express

decisions decisions thanks peeps
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