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9 week old baby screaming after each feed Lock Rss

My 9 1/2 week old breastfed baby has been screaming as soon as I sit him up after a feed. He screams and screams and arches his back until he burps and then brings up mucousy milk. Even after burping he still screams and only stops after this mucousy milk comes up and then he sounds so relieved.

It is so distressing for both me and him and it breaks my heart when it happens. It doesn't matter if he's fed for 5 minutes on one side or if its 20 minutes - it doesn't make a difference.

It's been going on for the last 2 or 3 weeks.

He is on Zantac for possible reflux. Is it the reflux that is causing this pain? Wind? or something else. Has anyone else been through this?


Have you considered if he might be lactose intolerant? I know I could be reaching but a friend of mine had a similar issue with her daughter and it turned out she was allergic to a protein in the breast milk. I'm not sure what kind of test they do but it might be worthwhile checking that option. It's horrible when they scream like that, my boys get night terrors when they're teething and it's just awful to not be able to do much to ease their pain.
I hope this is just a passing phase or gets resolved soon for you! Good luck!

A warm towel on his tummy is a non medical option, try and keep bub upright or tummy over your arm. If you get desperate I have heard if you raise the bed on the head just slightly can also help reflux.

If its wind, bend his legs to his tummy, followed by a tummy massage.

Hope the pain subsides soon.
DD2 cried heaps after a feed when she was a baby.The first night we had her home at 4 days old she spent 4 1/2 hours at night screaming so much she lost her voice, I was constantly putting her on the boob only to have her scream more, I was in tears, DP was at his wits end, and we had no idea what else to try. I understand how distressing it is! When you've done everything you think you can & they're still crying with that distress cry & you just want to make them better but nothing works, it's heartbreaking!!

We thought it was reflux, being that she cried after a feed, & she would spew a little a few times & seem abit better, but it turned out to be a kidney obstruction, and she was crying because when she fed, it would go to her kidney to her bladder then reflux back up to her kidney. I felt so guilty because everytime I fed her, she would be in pain, yet I couldnt not feed her.

Not saying this is what your little man has, but sometimes the problem's not always the obvious things you've heard of before & it really doesnt hurt to get a thorough checkover smile
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