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Daycare and a breastfed baby Lock Rss

Hi there,

My baby will be starting daycare in about a month, she will be 8 months old. She currently has 4 breastfeeds (down from 5 only in the last week) a day and one to two overnight. She has been on solids snce she was 5 1/2months and has three meals a day, usually about an hour before her breastfeed.

The community health nurse suggested that she will be ready to drop a feed in about a month or two and, therefore, will only need three breastfeeds a day (6am, 10am and 6pm). This sounds good as I wouldn't have to express two feeds for each day she is in care but I'm not sure if that will be enough milk for her. She has reduced how much she seems to take in each feed but that seems like a long time between feeds.

My question is is 8-9 months too young to drop a day feed? everything I've read says to listen to your baby but my baby doesn't speak so not sure how she will communicate her requirements to me smile she loves her solids but also loves a breastfeed and I don't want to do the wrong thing. Already feeling a bit average about the whole daycare thing as it is!

Really confused about this, doesn't seem to be much info on the net and I'm hoping to keep breastfeeding once she starts care. Any advice appreciated, thanks so much!


I am trying to remember how often DD2 was feeding at 8 months and cant- sorry! she is 22mths now (still have baby brain - lol).
If she is on 4 feeds a day now and is happy with that can you express enough between now and when she starts for her to have 2 bottle of EBM at daycare? That way you know she has enough if she needs it. Personally, I have always oversupplied my children with food, drinks ,milk etc at day care rather then me stress out that they are hungry or tired.

Hope this helps and GL to you both starting daycare smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

My DS started daycare at 9 months and DD at 7 months, with both I sent 2 bottles of ebm at all times, making sure they stored it correctly so if one wasn't used it was still good to use the next day. Sometimes they had one bottle sometimes needed the two. I also fed them just before I left them and again as soon as I picked them up. If you express at the time you'd normally feed her, be that one or two times, you should get enough. I made sure I had a little stockpile before they started too in case I was running low.

You might find she wants more feeds when you are with her, but she'll be happy with the one at daycare.

I expressed and sent in EBM until DS was 11 months (he refused a bottle after that) and DD 15 months, was a bit of a pain, but worth the effort. Didn't have to resort for formula with either of them. It didn't ruin our bf relationship either, DS weaned at 2 years and DD weaned about a month ago at 2 years, 1 month.

I felt bad sending them to daycare too (DS was 4 days a week, luckily DD only 2 days), but we had to pay the mortgage somehow.

Hope this helps!

DD was with my Mum 2 days a week from 7 months, I used to send two bottles with her, originally both 150ml, I slowly dropped back the amount of the second one, as she wasn't drinking it, and she was down to one bottle by about 10 months. I used to send a back up second bottle in case she wanted it, and it would just be used the next day if she didn't use it on the first. I stopped sending bottles when she was 13 months, although I still feed her during those hours when we're together smile . We used BLW with DD so she wasn't ingesting all that much food at the start, she wasn't drinking all that much of the bottles I sent either, but I was happy to make up for any shortfall when I was around so it wasn't a problem. Honestly, I could have cut back earlier as far as DD was concerned, she isn't all that interested in bottles, it was my Mum that was worried about how much she drank during the day.

Do you know how easy it is for you to express yet? Do you have a good quality electric pump, or are you really efficient with a hand pump? I am lucky enough that I'm a good 'cow', so I could be pretty blase about how much I sent and wasn't concerned if I ended up throwing it out. I'm happy to admit I'm weird laugh so if life is not so easy for you with a pump, don't feel like you NEED to send that much. If you are willing to make up any extra demand outside work hours, your DD will be fine with less during her time away from you smile Best of luck with it all!

Just thought I'd add, I still express at work, although I don't send her with bottles, it is still too uncomfortable not to, so it might be about your comfort as well smile

DS2 and DS3 both started childcare at about 8 months. Both were exclusively breastfed till that time and absolutely refused to take a bottle at all. I was also told by a child health nurse both times that because I still intended to breastfeed morning and night that I wold only have to provide one extra source of calcium a day. So the information you were given is defiantly on par with what I was given as well.

Expressing didn't work for me, because I appear to be one of those people who has a funny enzyme in their breast milk that make it smell funny when warmed (especially after being frozen). Neither boy would take formula at first either so I always sent along a yogurt as a substitute and some water as well as two sippy cups of formula until they got used to drinking the formula. I figured that way if they didn't drink the entire thing the first time around then they would still have enough. Even now with DS3 at 10 months I still send in two sippy cups. He may not always need it and he may not always drink both in full, but I also know it's there if he needs it.

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