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Worst thing about breast feeding!! Lock Rss

I find the worse thing about bf is having to wear a bra all the time... its really killing me lol its giving me a backache on my left side were the strap runs across... could that mean i need a bigger size?? Or any alternatives to wearing bra but not leaking every where haha smile

For around the house/sleeping I use a breast feeding singlet top. It is still tight enough to hold breastads in.
sounds like you could need a better fitting bra with wider straps
if you can get away with it dont wear a bra and its good to air them out too! haha
I was just about to post and say 'woohooo its the first time in 8 months i have slept without a bra!! Super stoaked!' I wore a tight nightie and stuffed the breastpads in there.. so comphy. I WISH i had done it earlier
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