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12month old not wanting bottle Lock Rss

my 12month old was sick with a cold last week and is better now but still wont have his bottles (unless in the middle of the night and hes all sleepy) he will have pureed foods but will not eat finger foods anymore.
is this normal? is it just a stage they go through or do you think hes still sick or something?
thanks ladies after i put this post up we went out for lunch and he ate a whole cheese scone and some banana cake!! yay!! and this afternoon he had some yoghurt. he wont take his bottles but im going to try abit later.

he wont drink his milk from a sippy cup he wont even really drink water form it hes more interested in playing with it n splashing the water everywhere.
i see if i can find that bottle PP was talking about im in NZ so we dont have a chemistwarehouse heere but they prob be in the supermarket or something.
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