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  5. eeek! what do i do!? my 8 month old wont take bf

eeek! what do i do!? my 8 month old wont take bf Lock Rss

Im unsure what to do!,
On tues this week just gone i went to plunket and was told to start introducing snacks and because i was bf-ing do the 2nd and 3rd bf's after the morning and arvo snacks.
So i have been doing that, well trying. But now my ds is refusing the 2 nd bf entirely and so i give him lunch at 12 as usual but he will hold out the bf until about 3! I have offered heaps b4 that. And last night, he hardly had any milk b4 bed where usually he would have heaps. And tonight, none... he's just pushing me away...!!
I dont want to run out if he changes his mind. Last night i was pumping when he was in bed to make sure i had more tonight but i got none out (15ml).
So yeah... ive kinda rambeled a bit but...
His routjne at the mo is kinda like this... bf
8 am brekkie
10.30 snack
12 lunch
1 pm attempt bf but no
3 pm small snack if any
3pm bf
6 pm tea
7 pm attempt bf
Is he having enoug milk?
I thougthe was having a growth spirt at the beginning of last week but ... i dont know
What do i do!!
He doesnt take a bottle at all, never had formula
Yeah i have been thinking i should stop the snacks as he has a pretty decent amount of solids but im not too sure. Even if i did it wouldnt change the last bf before bed. Today he didnt have a arvo snack but he had a bf at about 3.30 and both side which is way more than usual and he had no milk b4 bed..
I dont know, its like i have totally lost the plot... im freaking im guna loose my milk. Its like hes tryna wean himself. It was only about a month ago he was having 5 bf's a day....
Ooh and i forgot to add hes teething...
The introduction of solids is about getting them used to different tastes and textures; so an 8 month old's main source of nutrition should be if solids are interfering with that, then I'd seriously be considering dropping off solid 'meals' not adding them. A baby under 12 months of age will rarely wean themselves, and there can be several factors in this, including having too much solid food. If he is only bf twice a day, that's not nearly enough, and I can't understand why Plunket would think it is; though I freely hold my hand up to being a bit biased against Plunket.

If it were my baby I would do the following:

*Cut back on the amount of solids
*Offering milk before lunch and waiting at least 45 minutes between offering milk and solids
*Go back to basics; lots of skin to skin, feeding in a quiet space etc
*Offering the breast when baby is drowsy/sleepy

hello !
That is tricky perhaps keep working on the bottle and sippy cup!
Water should be introduced as well
My buba stopped breastfeeding at ten months
started off about nine months just dropping feeds! and lots of biting!
oh not fun teething I think it hurts there ears too laying down to feed
try lifting bubs head up!
no magic fix really you can drop the solids but they say solids first then milk
um its a tricky one!

I have had some weird advice from plunket too... quite often you are actually getting their personal opinion as opposed to their professional advice IMO...

When DS2 wasn't gaining weight 'fast enough' they told me to offer him more food, even though milk has way more calories ounce for ounce than anything you can give them bar avocado, which he was already hoovering up at the time anyway. So I did the opposite..and didn't tell the Plunket nurse! laugh I cut his solids right back, offered him more boob..and voila, he gained about 300gms in 3 weeks, which was about 2X what a bf baby his age should gain. She was happy with that individual gain, but still not particularly happy about how 'small' he was. roll eyes

Thanks for all the advice. Hes a healthy weight, in the lower 75% and hes just started crawling so probably burning a bit off too. I am defnitly going to stop the 'snacks'. He is defnitly biting when he doesnt want it which makes it a lil bit hard, thismorning he was biting biting and i waited 5 mins and he went for gold,... so yeah i will persist. I havent bf for this long to stop now!
Thanks for the advice again, its helped me alot. It was stupid advice. I think shes maybe tryna have him weaned by 1? Thats kinda what it seems like, i was planning to go a bit longer than that....
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