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People who dont like breast feeding should get over it!!!!!! Lock Rss

this is helping me get my annoyance out have a few positives and some good feed back
I love it you have just made my day THANK YOU
Thank you, and you are very right you see sweet FA. this customer didnt have the guts to say anything to my face...just complain to others imagine what sort of person they are.
Pfft!!!! Feed away, this customer needs to pull their head in. We feed our babies because they are hungry and the joy of bf means that we can do it anywhere at anytime. I happily feed in public, I am covered and I am discrete. I wish I could complain about people wearing leggings as pants... now that needs to be illegal! A bit of bare skin showing is a lot better than looking at a camel toe and everything else that leggings show!!! tongue
Lol ...I wear thoses but under long tops. now they'll have more to complain about .lol Amen to BF. love it do it and Proud of it. Im aware but not goinig to let it get to me Im not trying to make people feel uncomfortable, I'm feeding my baby
Thats so bloody rude!!!! I tell you ya can't win either way at times I've had plenty of people who have passed judgement and rude snipey comments when they've seen me pull out a bottle.As mums our priority is tending to our babys needs whatever they may be good on you for standing your ground.I also agree there is in a appropriate way to do.Im sure theres people out there who the second they know your breastfeeding regardless of weather they can see it have a issue from the get go.

She probable still would have complained if I was bottle feeding there's no winning is there
Example had a friend who had a 5 week old bub and a few weeks back we went to the mall she had her bub in a sling and fed him you couldn't even tell nobody noticed at all. We were looking for a product and asked a employee for help she said omg I didn't even know you had a baby couldn't see her my friend said shes having milk she said thats cute another emplyee turns around and said thats disguisting its a shop not a zoo WTF.All of this from nothing being visible he was just being a w**nker.

Thats terrible, clearly it was a zoo it was being run by monkeys. I hope she wrote a letter of complaint it really bugs me that there are so many AH out there that are so self absorbed they cant see past fact. and there the strange ones who make it uncomfortable for us.
Good on you for standing your ground. Babies need to be fed when they are hungry. Simple.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Little Miss's wrote:
SunMoonStars wrote:
well that goes both ways, hun. not everyone is comfortable with bf. i agree that you need to bf your baby when hungry but maybe be more discrete about it or go somewhere more dh was at work and a lady with a baby in a sling came up to the counter and he went to serve her she just took her boob out and was trying to latch baby on WHILE MY DH WAS SERVING HER! he felt so uncomfortable. it great that your pround of bf but i do think it should be done in a discrete way that doesn't make other feel uncomfortable.

I don't think you have to think about others at all. If you are comfortable then that's all that matters. People wear clothes that are way too revealing and I'd love to go up to them and say something about it making me uncomfortable that I can see everything under the ridiculously short dress but I can't. Same goes for BF. it you are uncomfortable just look away.

yep i agree you can look away but some women are to carefree about it and make other unconfortable (like the example i gave). when you live in a community around other people sometimes we have to take other people into considerstion when doing things like breastfeeding in there face.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

IMO you should contact the New World (Foodstuffs) management and ask that all staff be made aware that it is a human right to be allowed to BF. Explain what happened to you and at which supermarket.

The customer should have minded her own business, however going forward it would be nice to think something good came out of the situation, rather than just venting about it. You were able to handle yourself, but another mum may not, so to try and prevent would be more pro-active.

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