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People who dont like breast feeding should get over it!!!!!! Lock Rss

Becky+1 wrote:
2babee wrote:
Im annoyed I just finshed my shopping at New World supermarket belfast were I was approached by a staff to tell me to stop breastfeeding because a customer had complained...what about how I feel and my wee baby who had been upset an d needed feeding..I told him to tell her to get f........ but why was I the one that felt like crap. for doing the best thing I can Im a proud feeder of 4. ages 6,4 2 and 14weeks
No wonder new mums dont want to breast feed people make you feel like its wrong
I totally agree that you should not be made to feel in the wrong breast feed is the most natural act - but why did you have to use the gutter talk ie. tell her to get f... Geez couldn't you just have said some thing normal - and yes not everyone uses the f... Word in this world

With all due respect I probably would have used the same language smile
2babee wrote:
I didnt actually speak to her a staff member came to me after she had complained. I was not BF at that time I had finshed boob put away. staff man approached me and asked me to stop or cover up while feeding and I said no she can get F..... I told him to tell her to get... and I used that word because I was so bloody annoyed. a recent case a BF mum sued a lady for similar. I dont ask ugly people to cover up or special needs to stay out of society because it makes people feel uncomfortable..... example only they dont I have nursed them for years. the point is she was Rude I love BF and am lucky to be able many can't
My childdren have had the best start in life I can give none of them have allergies of food type and great skin no intolerances and its all thanks to BF and I Will continue this will not break me

That fully made me lauph tongue lol

Poor thing that's so rude I'd complain if I were u thats not fair at all, I wonder if they would prefer you let your baby scream, good on you for sticking up for yourself smile
tickled*pink wrote:

Anyone else just picture Peggy Bundy? laugh

BAHAHAHAHAHA now that is a good look wink
If you do I'll join you I wont worry about the low cut top one will be out for feeding dont forget to show tattoos and piecings girls most impressive while
oh yeah and the chewing gum
thats FUBAR

no one has the right to ask you to stop feeding

I would have been so angry you did the right thing

some countries overseas consider public breastfeeding beautiful all the men put woman up on pedastools and encougage breast it is done everywhere in the public's eye!
if only it was the same ere!
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