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Fussy on the breast - whats going on?! Lock Rss

This last week my daughter (shes 6 weeks old today) has been acting very strangely while feeding. She attaches to the nipple really well & sucks solidly for a few minutes but after a while she pulls herself off, wriggles around then finds the nipple again & keeps sucking. she then repeats that process over and over (sucking, coming off, fussing around, back on & sucking again) until I get sick of it & stop the feed.

Why is she doing this?! She doenst seem to be in pain (doesnt cry, arch her back etc). Someone suggested to me that my flow could be fast to begin but then it slows down & she gets frustrated...but how do I fix that?!
Or is this just a phase shes going through??

Yeh, it must be a flow thing. I have an appointment wirh the my maternal health nurse tomorrow so I'll ask her about it you. I know my flow is fast to begin with (cause she sometimes chokes, splutters etc) but I dont think its the reason she pulls off all the time. I think she might be getting frustrated when the flow slows/stops. It's hard to know though because I have never feet the let down.
I breastfeed for ten months straight no formula!
This is normal
Growth spurts and fussy periods
at six weeks
and three months
heaps of feeding and crying while feeding lol
its normal it will pass
its hard hang in there this is the hardest bit!
My 3 week old fusses around the breast not really sucking properly at the beginning of a feed when my breasts are really full and leaking. Once he has done this for a little bit and i figure my flow not so strong he latches on properly and feeds.
I don't know if this information helps you but I figure if your bub didn't like the fast flow they would be fussing at the beginning of the feed not part way through. Unless it is with subsequent let downs.
I'm sure you and bub will work things out or this phase will pass.
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