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Would you wash the newborn's bottles in the dishwasher? Lock Rss

Hello Ladies,

I was wondering what are your opinions of washing the newborn's bottles in the dishwasher instead of hand washing and sterilising.

I wouldnt myself. I steralised all my bottles in a microwave steraliser. I handwashed them up first in sinkbefore the microwave.

I meant to say put the bottles in the dishwasher on its own, no plates or other items...
If you're not putting anything else in why would you bother? Waste of power and water.

I wouldn't anyway. I put Ds supper cup in once and there was a film left over the silicone bit. I hand washed it again anyway.

You don't need to sterilize if you're thoroughly washing in hot soapy water.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I did, no one died smile

Aka G&L smile

I just find it easier I guess...
It's fine. If it were me I'd quickly rinse under hot tap water after. Dishwashers wash at very high temps so I'd say fine.
Hot water or microwave sterilizers seem to work fine, not sure if the dish washer cycle would be to long as well because i had bottles and teets discolor from boiling to long =)
Thank you so much for all your replies... the nurse in the antenatal class suggested the idea of putting bottles in the dishwasher because they got cleaned and sterilised better. I forgot to ask if it is also ok for a, I agree with most of you ladies, it should be ok.
I just wanted to add, I found the teats didn't last as long, probably due to the heat of the dishwasher water on them, that is a downside

Aka G&L smile

I did but once my dd was getting older. I would hand wash every few washes anyway just in case. Some dish washers are better than others. I didn't ever feel that they got the same thorough clean in our dishwasher. They just got that residue that plastics seem to always have. I probably wouldn't with a newborn but depends how good your dishwasher is. I found that I just about washed them anyway while I was giving them a prewash rinse so it was easier to just wash them while I was at it.

So using a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor is lazy? Or an oven instead of rubbing sticks together? Ridiculous. We'd all like to save time where we can.
Thanks for your replies ladies...who cares if we are lazy or not... a good mom doesn't mean you have to be washing by hand, it means you care for your kids and spend quality time with them.
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