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Possible cows milk protein sensitivity Rss

This is not something I knew much about but someone suggested it to me. My dd fits the systems and I'm praying that by giving up dairyfor a while she will settle a bit. She was up a long time last night again (if you've seen my previous posts). I had to sleep her in the bouncer so shes curled up. She did a poo explosion this morning again.
Now does anyone know if its worth seeing a doctor or should I wait and see if eliminating dairy makes a difference? Can the Dr test for milk protein intolerance? Also at what age do they normally outgrow it?
I hope this is the problem as I'm very tired and my family think my kid always screams as they rarely get to see the smiling gorgeous girl that I know and it's a bit sad.

Hi, both DD2 and DS have/had cows milk protein intolerance (also wheat and corn). Unfortunately the only way to test is to eliminate ALL dairy for at least 2 weeks and then reintroduce it. Although you may see an improvement after 2-3 days it takes that long to get out of your system and your baby's. Blood tests and skin prick tests will only show positive results for an allergy.
You need to be careful and check the ingredients on all food. I use Nuttlex or Olive oil in baking, have porridge with water for breakfast etc. I recently went out for dinner and forgot that crispy skin fish is cooked in butter and the following day DS was back to screaming, waking up constantly (usually sleeps very well) and cramping. It takes him about 2-3 days to get back to normal.
My paediatrician who diagnosed DD2 said that most kids grow out of it by 3, she's now 2.5 and has grown out of the dairy intolerance in the last month. Which gives us hope for DS who is 12 weeks, (he also gets reflux when I have dairy).
I would recommend getting a referral to an allergist who specialises in children and make the appointment now as they usually have long waiting lists. If you eliminate dairy and see no change in your baby's behaviour you can always cancel the appointment.
Make sure you reintroduce dairy after 2 weeks and continue eating it for couple of days to be sure that it is dairy causing the problem and that your baby is not just having a bad day.
I would be going to a naturopath if possible as they are usually able to pin point a problem alot easier and it would also be faster then having to do no dairy for 2weeks and ive also read that in some cases it can take longer than 2 weeks to be out of your body. good luck and let us know how you get on x

Thank for the tips. I will do no dairy for 3 weeks. On day 3 now and noticed dd is not as gassy. Hopefully thiswill help.
I actually know a naturopath and will see her at a bbq today so might ask about it. A few mums have now told me that lots of doctors won't do anything unless you've already tried eliminating dairy to see if it makes a difference.
Will even the smallest amount make a difference?

Have you considered if it could be teething? Ds had poo explosions while teething.

StrawberryTimTam wrote:
Have you considered if it could be teething? Ds had poo explosions while teething.

She has been extremely unsettled and had "colic" symtoms pretty much since birth. Doctors just don't really seem to get it and unfortunately think I'm just a paranoid first time mum because they see hrr for 5 min and she appears fine. I've explained her crying etc and they just say "well all babies cry it seems perfectly healthy" they just don't know what I'm dealing with.

I think you have to eliminate everything including dairy in baked goods etc otherwise it won't work smile good luck. Let us know how you get on smile

My son had an intolerance to the cows milk protein in formula. At 6weeks old he was practically crawling around in his cot because he was in so much pain/discomfort. He was prescribed 'Pepti Junior' ( a formula that doesn't contain cows milk protein) and he was a lot more settled on it. He eventually grew out of it and can eat/drink anything dairy. He is now 5yrs old smile Good luck, sometimes its hard getting the doctors to understand
Just on the Dr not listening to you as they can't see the pain your DD is in, someone suggested to me if this ever happens take a video on your phone to show them so they can get a better idea of the problem

Our DS was really windy and I never thought to eliminate dairy from my diet when breastfeeding. It was the best thing I could have done.

When my man worked late, DS was worse. (Turns out these were the nights I ate lots of dairy like cheese on toast etc - something easy often with cheese).

We cut out dairy and his gassiness and fussiness disappeared within a few days.

Maybe also eliminate 'gassy' foods like onions and garlic and beans?

We have since had DS tested for a dairy allergy (skin prick test) but it tested negative BUT symptoms and experience say otherwise.

He now has rice milk with added protein from chickpeas as a milky drink and can tolerate yoghurt in small doses at 18 months.

Good luck! smile

Good luck!

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wageha wrote:
Just on the Dr not listening to you as they can't see the pain your DD is in, someone suggested to me if this ever happens take a video on your phone to show them so they can get a better idea of the problem

Great idea. Although I would probably feel bad videoing while she is throwing herself around in pain.
Dd's tummy has been a bit better since removing dairy. She seems to pass wind and do poos without heaps of screaming.

Smy dd4 has a suspected milk protien allergy. when she was around 9 mths old i decided to change her formula ( she was on lactose free with a thickener) she had been vomiting a lot and always had a rash on her face, neck back and tummy. had taken her to the doc many times but was always told it was a viral rash. anyway we tried on soy milk, goats milk and HA milk but yet everything stayed the same. swapped her over to Karicare Allerpro and she was a different baby. we have cut all dairy out, she can tolerate things that have been cooked with milk, like cakes etc and is alrite with butter. every time she injests even a mouthful of icecream, cheese ect she is grumpy as anything and her rash returns. Those nites she barely sleeps. Its very hard to make sure she doesnt touch/ eat anything dairy when she is 14 mths old and the youngest of 4 children sad

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