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nipple shields - how to wean Lock Rss

I have been using nipple shields from the start, bub is now 12weeks- It was due to poor attachment and I feel I would hve stopped BF is it weren't for the shields.

I try to get bub to take breast w/o shield but it is so hard. Right breast is ok- we can nearly do a whole feed without it but left breast very hard.

Hasanyone had success weaning off a shield and how long did it take? Atm, i feel if it means I can BF and my supply is good, it doesnt metter if we use it still. But I would love to stop using it to make BF in public easier, make less mess, and not have to worry about washing and losing the bloody things all the time!

Hi there - I exclusively BF my DS1 till 6 months using a nipple shield. I never had any success with weaning him off the nipple shield but I agree it's a pain when you're out and about. I would just try and start each feed without the shield and go from there. Good luck

I used shields due to flat nipples and BF all the way to 18 months using them! He never liked my left breast as much (it produced less milk) and eventually I went to right breast only at 9 months. In the early days I really wanted to wean him off the shields, and tried starting with it, then sneaking it off in the middle of a feed, but in the end I decided (with advice from a lactation consultant) that provided my supply was still good, which it was, that it was less effort to continue with the shields, than to fight a losing battle with weaning off them. I think I had about 4-6 shields at any one time, and when I was at home I would just chuck them in a cup of water until I'd used them all up and then give them all a proper clean later. I do remember being a bit paranoid that I would leave them at home when I went out, as he just would not feed without them!
I used them for about 6 or so weeks. My plan to wean off them (I think it was me more than her) was to do one feed a day for a week without it and then increase to two feeds etc. By week two I had stopped using them entirely. I think in my case it was the fear of her tearing my nipples to shreds again that was the real barrier to getting her off the shields. Once I'd set my plan it kind of took the pressure off and I relaxed a bit.

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