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Mix Feeding - Need to vent!! Lock Rss

I ALWAYS thought I would be one to exclusively BF for at least 12 months. But after having a baby I discovered that it is HARD!! My DD is 5 months now and I just started mix feeding her because she has had slow weight gains and I have had supply issues. I am proud of how far I have EBF her, but at the same time I feel totally guilty using formula and I am getting to a stage where I wonder if I should just FF her.

I struggled with attachment from day 1 and received very little help from MW in hospital and the first time she latched was day 2, then I was discharged an hour later because "they needed beds". I felt totally lost and didn't get an appointment with the hospital Lactation Consultant for 7 days after I called them!!! The night she was born and day 1, I fed her with a syringe because she had trouble latching and the MW said- "Just use a syringe, she's too tired to feed". ARGH if only I had known how detrimental this advise was.

I ended up needing to use a nipple shield, which I still need to this day because DD cannot attach without it, LC said maybe because I have small nipples and DD sticks her tongue out a bit when feeding.
I didn't have the money to pay a private lactation consultant which is what I wanted to do. Instead I went to the hospitals one, who told me not to come back and it was fine to use a nipple shield sad

Now I am mix feeding, I feel so exhausted and I so tired expressing, timing feeds, washing/sterilising bottles and struggling with my nipple shields I have to use and my supply!

One thing is certain, if first time mums got more time in hospital and proper BF support/education after they have their babies and milk comes in, a hell of a lot more Mums would BF for longer! Shame on the public system for hospital stays only being 1-2 days for natural delivery. I am a nurse in a public hospital and know they have budgets but seriously, I feel so let down and ashamed that the lack of public resources for BF is so minimal in this country.

You should fill out a complaint form and register it with your DHB. seriously, they need to hear stuff like this.
Don't beat yourself up. Bubs is getting fed and you are obviously a great mum for all the thought and effort you are putting into this. BFing is friggen hard but there are more free supports out there you can use outside of a public LC, hopefully one of the aussie chicks will jump on and let you know whats close to you smile
Have you tried going to a breastfeefing class or mums group they help alot and dont feel bad I have had to mix feed all my children and could only do that for bout a month then ff... except DD2 I am still mix feeding now at 9 weeks. Dont feel bad about ff as long as your baby is healthy and growing you are doing well. I have to tell myself that every day. Just do what works for you.
Also ask your child heath nurse for help and she might be able to get you onto a new lactation consultant
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