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Anyone gone cold turkey? How long before you boobs settled?

I have had enough of the biting and other things. When I get home from holidays it's bottle or nothing. She is 1 now. I battled it out and made my deadline. Time to move on. She probably does not need a bottle but she does like it at times, just prefers BF.

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

DS slowly weaned himself over a few months and was off boob by 11 mths.
DD is a whole other kettle of fish. With her it will have to be a sudden change not gradual as she prefers the boob over bottle. I still can't get her to bed without a BF first. It's going to be a rough adjustment but a needed change

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

How many feeds a day? I'd assume your only feeding twice maybe?? Try go down to one just before bed for 2 days, then stop. I find generally it takes 2-3 days for milk supply to get the idea of a new routine. When dd started sleeping through was a big change and I didn't express, put up with it for a couple of days and now they don't get engorged over night.

I went cold turkey with both kids because I don't think they were getting enough out of me any more. With the first I didn't have to express to release at all and the second only once so I'm thinking they were definitely not getting enough. By the sounds of it you are still feeding regularly so I would expect it to take a little while, depending on how much you produce. My sister in law was saw and full for like two weeks when she went cold turkey when her daughter was 1 and she was a little piglet smile

If boob is on offer she won't take a bottle. That is the problem. Biting is a big issues and I have just had enough of being attached all the time. She is very much a mummy's girl. I would like to be able to go out for dinner or even just spend a little time with my husband. I am still feeding 3/4 times a day. Sometimes a little extra during the night if she is being difficult and won't settle.

I am being a little selfish but I have given myself to my kids for the last 3 years. It's my turn. Plus I think it will change her sleep habits for the better.

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

I went cold turkey with both my girls, dd1 at 6months as I was going back to work and she wouldn't take boob and bottle. I don't remember doing anything with her. With dd2 she was 5 months old and I just wasn't enjoying the feeding, she went to bottles fine. I think the first 2 days I was sore but after that fine.
When my milk came in after losing our angel I had to use cold cabbage leaves which worked a treat. smile
My first son went cold turkey at age 2 and I was surprised at how sore my boobs got as I didn't think I was feeding that much. But they got heaps full and sore after he stopped feeding suddenly. I think the worst was over within a week though. After my stillbirth it was absolute agony I couldn't lie down they were so full and sore. All the doctors and nurses said the medicine to dry up your milk wasn't much good and so they said to just ride it out. After the first week it did ease and I reckon after 2 weeks it was all but gone. I'm not sure about underwire bras but maybe just monitor it to your comfort level.
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