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Breastfeeding and Exercise Lock Rss

I have been running since my wee girl was 2 months old she is now 5 and a half months over the past week or so I have been getting lumps in my breasts that are really painful. I have been massaging them while she feeds and they go away after a couple of days. This has happened twice now I was wondering if anyone else has had this and what suggestions anyone else has to prevent this?
There are no guidelines about exercising and breastfeeding other than the usual post natal ones for all mothers and I would say that as you have been running for a few months the lumps are unrelated. Unless the running actually makes them hurt I would continue with this but see your doctor as it could be mastitis or something to do with your diet/hormones etc. It's probably nothing to worry about - just inconvenient and annoying for you but the doctor can help and reassure you. Good luck x
They say that exercise can effect your supply or change the taste of your milk, but I haven't heard of it causing the issues described.

I would double check with the ABA, but are you wearing a really supportive wire free bra? I found it quite painful unless those puppies were strapped down quite a lot to minimise bounce. Although you don't want to much pressure in one spot as that can create lumps. I had a berlei sports bra that was super supportive, wire free and had a velcro strap at the front too. But it was pretty pricey and not very flattering

This is not caused by exercise - a moderate amount of exercise is completely fine during breastfeeding. What you are describing sounds more like blocked milk ducts. Doing massage and breast compression during a feed may help to relieve it. Also, if your bub is sleeping through the night, you may need to wake up once and just express a small amount to avoid being engorged. Could also just be changes in hormones

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It's sounds like blocked milk ducts, maybe your bra is not offering enough support when rubbing?

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