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16mo still having 1 night feed Lock Rss

My 16mo still has one night feed as well as a feed just before bed (She no longer has any feeds during the day). She eats everything in site during the day and has to have either a meal or a snack every 2-3 hours otherwise she walks around saying "tea" until you get her food. Snacks are either fruit, vegies, cheese or yogurt. She has her feed on the couch and then says goodnight to everyone and goes to bed (and takes a sippy cup with milk which she drinks until she's full before throwing it on the floor and going to sleep.) She usually wakes once through the night with a wet nappy and goes back to sleep by herself once she's been changed and then wakes around 6 determined to have a feed.
She's still sleeping in our bedroom and I would like to move her to her own room which is at the other end of the house. I'm reluctant to move her while she's still having feeds partly for convenience and partly because I don't want her waking the boys at 6am as they won't go back to sleep. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I've been told by my health nurse that she shouldn't be having night feeds at this age but starving screaming child at 6am doesn't thrill me.
She's not really having a lot of cows milk, no more then 60ml at night before bed. She drinks water through the day. She's got a great appetite for solid food. She can happily eat more then my 7yo most days.
I can't give her breakfast at 6am as she still has 1.5-2 hours sleeping to do.
8.30pm. She has an hour sleep during the day. Everythings an hour earlier now daylight savings has ended but you get the idea.
HappyHead wrote:
I dont think 6am is a night feed, its time to start the day.

I'd make her bed time earlier, 7pm and when she wakes in the morning I'd start with breakfast. It will take a week or more for her to adjust but I've always found the earlier they go to bed the better they sleep. She clearly still wants to sleep 12 hours but between 8.30pm and 8.30am with a drink at 6am to keep her going, I'd aim to adjust that to 7pm to 7am and more protein during the day to keep her satisifed and if/when she wakes at 7am then give her brekky.

+1 smile

Good luck!
6am is morning in our house! I am thirsty and hungry when I wake up in the morning so why wouldn't a baby be?

She eats tea around 7.30. My husband works very long hours (4am-8pm) so the only way she can see him during the week is to make her bed time 8.30. Might try getting more protein in her diet though. She's only just started to eat more then one or two bites of meat without it being hidden.
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