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Best breast pump to buy? Lock Rss

Wondering which breast pumps people can recommend, I'm pregnant with my first child atm and there seems to be lots to choose from. Are Electric better than manual?
Different pumps work (or not) for different people, and different times it seems; I couldn't pump to save my life with our first, but wasn't as much of an issue with the second.

I used to get more milk, in less time, with my then four year old Avent manual pump than I ever did with my expensive Medela Swing electric pump. We ended up flogging the Swing in the end, but in NZ it was cheaper to buy one than rent one; and as I was planning to pump when I went back to work, thought an electric would be better/easier, so decided to risk buying one. If you contact the ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association), or some lactation consultants, they might have pumps you can try before you buy. My midwife loaned me a Medela Harmony for a few days, and that worked okay too, but as I already had a manual I didn't buy it.

I have a swing too from when I returned to work PT with DD1 (and it is a great pump), but would suggest not buying a pump until the baby is here and you find a need to pump. DD2 was born prem, so I hired a hospital grade double electric in the early days for her even though I still had the swing from DD2, once I didn't need to pump for her I stopped and haven't used the swing for her at all, if I had bought either a manual or electric for her birth it would have been wasted and probably nearing the end of warranty unused.

Definitely electrical. They're is a significant price difference with the manual but soooo worth it. Manual is painful for your hands. It's quicker and easier and if your planning to return to work early then go for the dual auto pump.

As for the choice of the best one they all do the same express milk. It's a personal opinion on what bottles and teets you would prefer to use along with matching steriliser.
I used the phillips avent single electric pump for nearly 2 years with DS, and it git some fairly heavy use as I was 30 hours a week at work from 6 months then full time from 1 year - a lot of pumping went on. I'm using it again with DD, it still goes as well as it did when first purchased. electric worked well for me, as i could feed baby on one side and pump on the other, and i could also keep working on my computer during pumping while i was at work

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