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Starting Breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hi,I am.due any day to give birth and I want to try to breastfeed.

My question is how often do you put baby to breast until your milk comes in? And how long does it usually take until your milk comes in?
As often as they want. smile it took 3 days with both boys for my milk to come in. Good luck with the feeding, it can be a challenge but it's a joy as well smile

I just put them on when they seemed hungry lol that was anywhere between one and three hours after a day or two. That first 24 hours I have found they didn't feed so much.

For my first baby I think my milk took a week to come in. My second was a couple of days and my third my milk came in after about 24 hours.

GL smile
Your baby does only need colostrum the first few days. Every few hours or so, try not to overfeed only feed when baby crys or lips moving because your milk has wverything and there bellie is the size of a pea.i thought because my milk not in I needed to formula feed but I didnt because all ur baby will want is colostrum !
Thank you ladies, I think I'm just worried that baby won't get enough until milk comes in.I had.a cranky midwife when I had my first baby.n ended up giving up on breastfeeding because she was so unhelpful and made me feel terrible.I just want to try.again with number 2 baby
Thanks so much, all your comments have really boosted my confidence
This pic showing a newborn's stomach capacity may help you realise just how little they need at first.....

Wow I didn't realise that,wish a midwife had explained that.thank u so much
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