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5 month old bottle refusal. Lock Rss

I have a beautiful, healthy EBF 5 month old baby boy. And while I'm super stoked he is such a good breast feeder, he absolutely refuses a bottle alltogether! Whether it is expressed milk or formula, he absolutely hates it! We've tried new bottles/teats/formula etc. He will shake his head side to side, and spit out whatever we can get into his mouth.. I feel awful as he gets so upset over the whole experience, so we usually stop after about 5mins.
he has only ever had one single bottle of expressed breast milk once in the span of a month and a half of us trying to get him to drink something from a bottle.
I'm not intending to wean him from the breast, I just want to be able to leave the house without him! I haven't even been for a haircut or grocery shop without him, I even have to take him to my physio appointments! sad
I love that he just wants me, but it's making it extremely difficult being attatched at the hip with him. My husband and I have been out once in the last 5 months without the kids, he refused to drink an expressed bottle and just slept instead. I've been out once last week for four hours and left him with my husband who said he didn't stop screaming and refused the expressed milk and formula I left him. I got home and he had a completely dry nappy! I cried and felt so guilty for leaving him, because he hated the bottle so much he'd rather cry himself to sleep and become dehydrated sad
I feel so stupid complaining my baby won't take a bottle, when usually people just pray their baby would breastfeed properly..
Just after any tips/support/suggestions.

Thanks guys x

Dd hated the bottle to begin with too. My advice is:
Offer a small amount at the same time every day
Choose the time of day he's most content, not hungry and not full
Pull back the moment he starts getting unhappy and switch to the breast for a quick comfort feed, try again tomorrow
Keep calm, happy, encouraging
Celebrate the smallest victories and don't push your luck
Try to remember he is learning a new skill by bottle feeding, like solids - give it some time with gentle persistence
If all else fails, hold on to your sanity a couple more months and wait until he's ready for a sippy cup.

Good luck smile

I had the same problem with one of my twins, when they were 2 weeks old I had to switch to formula while I was onmedication/steroid creams and had no problem giving them formuls for about 2 1/2 weeks, then went back to bf once I was able. My ds refused to take a bottle after that when I tried again as I was returning to work 2 days a week when they were 8 months old so I wanted to start a few months before. He wouldnt take either in a bottle, however once I tried in a straw cup which he had been drinking water from, he would drink small amounts of breastmilk only, only about 80-100 mls at a time but it was enough to get him through day care, I did take them to work with me as i work in child care so bf was an option but it was easier if he would use the cup. Midwife suggested to try it as she said the sucking action for bf baby was similiar to straws as opposed to bottles. Good luck. Apart from the 2 days there he was bf for every other feed till he weaned but by then he was eating more food so i could leave him for a while. But I didnt really leave them for more than an hour or two till then.
Getting dad or another family member to give one bottle a day helps... Using. Expressed breast milk and pigeon bottles might help. I find that giving that bottle helps out if I got sick and was unable to breast feed.
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