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I am looking at getting a breast pump and while I have read a lot of reviews on different models- I am still not sure which one to go with. any suggestions on which are better than others?

I have a Medela swing. Love it! It's an electric one. I had a manual Medela last time and I found it to be painful, but with the electric one you can change how hard it sucks and it's fine.

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electric is much better than manual. we bought a lansinoh one online - bit cheaper than medela
i work in a baby store and we recommend the medela electric range over any other electric rang, the medela swing is amazing, but if your only going to be pumping maybe once a day id recommend the medela mini electric

Medela swing smile
I got two avent manual ones, could double pump, was quick. I didn't like the medela, electric or manual.
I have avent manual pump, works great for me.


I bpought a spectra elwetric pump online. Check out reviews.
I didn't research. I just bought. I purchased a Mother's Choice Electric one because it was half price for $99 & I thought it was a bargain. While on this topic has anyone used one of these ones??
The Avent ones seem more expensive & I prefer the bottles in the Mothers Choice brand.
I remember buying an Avent breast pump but I only used it once and hated it completely. It just didn't feel natural. I ended up never using the thing. And its a lot of money to spend and then not use. Maybe there is a way to hire one from somewhere?


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I've got the avent electric pump with travel accessories and find it prefect for what I need. Highly recommend it.
I used the Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump. I only used it up until DD was 5 weeks because I stopped expressing, but used it several times a day when I did use it and still works well. I would definitely recommend that one, especially if you are going to be pumping frequently.

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