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Breast Pumps Lock Rss

My sister used Medela. It's good try that.

i just want to say hello to every one . . this is my firs post .

I have the Medela swing, which has been a lifesaver as bub had jaundice when we bought him home and was too sleepy to drain my breasts!!!

Sewing my way through pregnancy -

I used a manual Medela hand pump. I had an old second hand electric pump (just change the tubes and the pads) for my first but I didn't take to it. It felt like being a dairy cow a bit! I prefer the manual breast pumps as I can control the speed and pressure more easily. I don't know if it matters too much what brand you use for a manual as they're all much of a muchness. This article might help you a bit in choosing between a manual or electric breast pump

I hope that helps. I think there's another kind of breast pump one step up - a hospital grade breast pump. You have to hire those I think as they're quite expensive
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