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How to increasing my breast milk. Lock Rss

Hi, I have a 10 old baby and I feel as if I'm not getting enough milk. My breasts always feel soft and I'm worried I'm not making enough milk for her. How can I increase my milk supply? Thanks
Its a better indicator to look at how many wet nappies in a 24 hour cycle she/he is having. I THINK from memory they used to say 5-6 wet nappies in a 24 hour cycle.

Does she/he seem satisfied? Alert?

I wouldn't worry to much if your breasts seem soft, your supply might have settled down and your body is making the right amount now. I found with my two babies they would have a bit of a growth spurt around the 8 -10 week mark and just feed and feed for 24 hours. Its like they were building my supply and then would go back to feeding every few hours.

As for increasing supply, put her to the breast often. Demand = Supply. Drink plenty of water, rest as much as you can, eat well. There are natural supplements you can take or lactation cookies.

The best resource I found was the ABA "Breastfeeding...naturally".

Good luck!
Thanks. I have a girl 10 days old. Yes she seems settled and is having about 6 wet nappies and 4 dirty nappies daily. It's like it's going straight though her. Which is why I was surprised my breast were not more firm.

Thanks for replying
Sounds like she is doing fine then smile

Breastfeeding can be hard as you can't 'see' how much they are drinking. I found BF really hard for the first 6 weeks with both of mine, due to jaundice, milk supply late coming in, mixed feeding and sore nipples. But after that it just sort of 'clicks' and then it feels a lot easier.

My little guy is 4 months old and I feel like I have been struggling with supply since week 10. He drinks then keeps pulling off going back on pulling off going back on. So i take him off as its disheartning. But he starts crying and screaming like he is hungry still. I have tried putting him back on but he keeps doing it . Also when I express depending on what I have eaten if at all and drunk lots of water I get from 30mls-110mls from both Breast over 30 mins. 5 mins each side it's called the switch to help milk supply. I have breastfeeding cookies not sure how many a day I'm meant to have and u have yogis breastfeeding tea and try to drink water a lot. I have had to give in to one comp feed at night of 150mls as I was just completely empty. At night time I express after he had gone to bed so thay my Husband can have bonding time in the morning with him. I try to make 100+MLS. If I don't it's formula again. I hate it and feel bad like a failer. I want the breastfeed him all the way to at least 12 months. But feel like giving up. 8 also take fenugreek. Any other ideas out there. Please help desprate mama here.
mummsy is right.

unli latch, more water and soup. I have the same experience when my lo was still 3 weeks old. I thought she was not getting enough milk.


Hi, I have the exact same problem and also am only able to feed from one side so I feel like my supply is low quite often, my third baby is now 3weeks and so far so good but my first I moved to formula at 6weeks, my second though I managed to exclusive breastfeed until 18months!!!!! Again only one side worked but my amazing midwife prescribed me with Domperidone, which majorly increased my supply and is safe for mum and baby! I took it 3x per day and then weaned down to 2x day when she was about 1yr old and finally 1x daily when she was 14months, It's worthy talking to your midwife/doc to about before giving up and moving to formula, I wish I had known about it with my first bub!!!!
I find fenugreek great for increasing my milk supply. You can get the tablets for a great price from
Im in the same boat as you...trying fenugreek and blessed thistle..seems to be helping a bit and Im able to breastfeed at night.My supply went down after I got sick.We are having issues since then and I have to give him formula during the day else my son would cry alot.
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