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breastfed baby not taking bottle anymore! Lock Rss

Since a few weeks old my baby was introduced to taking a bottle of expressed breast milk. We only fed her with the bottle a handful of times but she loved it every time! Now at 10 weeks old she refused to drink from it tonight! My husband has been the one giving it to her but nothing he did could persuade her to take it! Why would this be? It was 4 weeks ago since she last drank breast milk from the bottle, could this be too long ago? I'm feeling a bit gutted as she had taken the bottle so well to begin with and is a great breastfeeder! Any help is appreciated

Hi..which bottle are you using..maybe try changing the bottle.
Its an avent bottle with newborn teat, just frustrating because she has drank from it perfectly before!Going to try again tonight....

Hi there Dancing Queen,

same thing happen to us. Our bub had one bottle of expressed milk every day for a period, then after several weeks without he then refused to take the bottle. Very inconveniant as I was about to return to work sad
Good luck, hope it gets sorted! smile
Did u get bubs to drink from bottle again? I gave up after 2 nights of refusal felt real down and I wasn't even going bk to work just thought it would give me a little independence back again if I wanted to go do something for myself!

I tried a few times but i gave up sad
I've had exactly this happen as well, my bub is just being topped up twice a day after a breastfeed, I found he completely rejected the night time bottle but would take one happily in the morning instead and then after changing things around for a few days he decided to take the night time one again as well.

So maybe just try a different time of day for a while, also I wondered maybe ready to go to the stage 2 teat? And another great trick is to walk around holding them while initiating the feed, the distraction can work. Good luck smile
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