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Heinz Nurture - Where to buy? Lock Rss

Hi all,

I've just switched DS to Heinz Nurture Original (he's 6 months) and he really likes it! I've tried it and the taste is so much better than the Nan Comfort he was on before.

However, I can only seem to find it at Chemist Warehouse here in Perth. I have to order it online because my husband takes the car during the day, but they only allow a purchase of two so I feel like I'm constantly hunting for it.

I've checked some of the other threads on both the Huggies and other forums but most of the posts seem to be from 2008 or earlier when I know Heinz was sold in Coles. I checked Coles yesterday and our local Woolies and nothing!

So frustrating to find something that my bub really likes (he's been a crummy feeder his whole life) but sourcing it is so difficult. Any pointers would be great!
We used it for my son and i will prob try it again this time and have had trouble finding it! But i saw it in big w today!

Just a small update. I contacted Heinz (really good customer service actually) who confirmed that Coles and Woolies have discontinued carrying their formula. I was also directed to call PharmaBroker who is the distributer in WA (likely a similar setup in other states) who gave me the contact of their sales rep for the formula. Left a couple messages but didn't get a call back.

However, based on what you said Zimbee I did check with our closest Big W who did have it in stock. I managed to get them to put aside all six cans they had and my husband picked them up after work on his way home. Win! Apparently they don't have a limit on how many cans you can buy (at least the sales girl didn't think so), whereas my local Chemist Warehouse limits purchases to TWO cans.

We don't really have a Big W that's all that close to us, but if we can make it a once a month purchase that would be ok. Not realistic to go all that way every week or two.

So a bit of progress but I'm certain there must be other places that carry the formula. Will post any more info if/when I hear from the sales rep.
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