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When to stop Breast Feeding Lock Rss

Hi Mums,
I'm just wondering when you stopped breast feeding or if you're still going?

My daughter is 14 months old and she still gets two breast feeds a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night (except I've been expressing some off during the day lately to relieve pressure as I'm expecting number 2 and it seems like a waste to send it down the sink so she has been having that too).

She drinks cows milk during the day but she won't touch formula, all 6 brands we have tried were rejected and still get rejected when I test them with her again. She's only just started crawling so she seems much younger than she really is, but I've never thought of just stopping her breast feeds when she reaches age 'X' we would just stop when we were both ready.

I have no intention of breast feeding her when she's not a baby anymore, but to me she's still so little and it's not as if I'm giving her a dozen feeds a day.

What are your thoughts?

if you're happy to still be feeding her keep going but if you're getting to the point where you'd like to stop you can start working towards that too.

Personally I'm a fan of extended breastfeeding and I've essentially allowed my kids to decide when to stop - I don't offer but if they ask/indicate they want it I let them have a feed. DD1 fed until she was 19 months, DS fed until he was 2yrs and 4 or 5 months and DD2 is still feeding (just turned 2). None of them tend to feed that often towards the end but the option is there if they want it, which tends to be first thing in the morning and when they're sick. I know that feeding this long isn't for everyone but it works for us and I'm happy to leave things up to them for the most part, although there's probably a point where I'd decide to force the stopping but we haven't reached it yet in the time I've been feeding smile

you may find that, now you're pregnant, your daughter may self wean before your next child is born. This doesn't always happen, and I know that there are mums on here/mums who used to be members on here who have successfully tandem fed (feeding a newborn and a toddler), but DS weaned himself when I was about 5 months pregnant with DD2.

Hi Leisa,
I know in NZ they recommend breast feeding for a year, but the Wold Health Organisation advises to breast feed for the first two years.

Personally it doesn't worry me when I stop but I do believe that when they are old enough to ask clearly then it might be time to stop. I bring my daughter into bed with me in the morning and she has a feed and will sometimes drift off again so it's a nice way to get some extra sleep for both of us. At night her feed is part of her bedtime ritual and as long as I follow that she goes down everytime without a fuss, any deviation and she becomes unsettled or wakes during the night.

I do like your way of not offering feeds but still allowing your kids to feed when they wanted to, I might try that when I'm ready to move on if she doesn't wean herself first.

Thanks for the insight and advice, it's always nice to know there are others in the same boat.

The WHO guidelines are mainly because developing countries don't have the food quality that we do. The Australian guidelines are also at least one year. After that you can go to cows milk and a healthy balanced diet. Toddler formula is just marketing rubbish if you ask me. There is no need for it as long as they have a balanced diet. Food is more important at that age.
My ddb was breastfed for 12 months. After her first birthday she dropped to just one feed a day before bed. This feed was really short so I just decided to stop and replaced it with a sippy cup of cows milk. She didn't drink it for the first 2 nights but then took it. She never took a bottle or formula either. I did try at one stage because in was going to go back to work but then gave up. In hindsight I'm glad we made it to 12 months and hope I can do it again with my next child.
All the best!!

I stopped feeding dd1 at 12 months coz we wanted to TTC number 2 and I didn't have my cycles back yet.

I stopped feeding dd2 at 15 months coz I wanted to start some medications and didn't want to have to consider breast milk. Stopping with dd2 was harder coz she was old enough to 'ask' for it. She would get the pillow and stand by the couch tapping for me.

If you both happy then keep going. But if you feel she is getting to big for you then I can understand that. With dd2 I was starting to feel like it was long enough for me.

Although if you are feeding when baby comes there are benefits. Less likely to have as supply problem!
I don't think it's anyone's business but your own how long you bf for smile you'll know when the time is right to stop. at 14 months id say it's not uncommon to still be having bfs. Personally I wouldn't bother with expressing as I always found it a pita, nor would I bother with toddler formula- as long as your baby is having a balanced diet cows milk is fine.
I was also pregnant while still breastfeeding DS. He weaned himself at 14 months when I was 5 months pregnant. I think my milk changed due to the pregnancy and just didn't appeal to him anymore. I never bothered with formula and he wouldn't drink cow's milk until age 2 and I didn't supplement with anything else, just his usual diet with lots of variety.
Not sure how far along you are but your DD could still wean herself if your milk changes.

I'm still breastfeeding my now 16mth old DD (morning & night) and will let her wean herself when she is ready.
I fed DS to 10 months. I wanted to feed to 12 months but he got gastro and wasn't interested in feeding and when he did he'd just chew my nipples so I stopped and he wasn't fussed that we stopped. I was disappointed I didn't make it to 12 months but was happy that he initiated the stopping as I was concerned about what was going to happen if we got to 12 months and I wanted to stop but he didn't.

Oh dear. Things have become a little odd with the breast feeding now and I have no idea why, maybe my daughter understands more than I thought!

I have been discussing my pregnancy with my little girl (I like to speak to her as an adult rather than dumbing things down) and explaining that she is becoming a 'big girl' and will soon only need cows milk which she really likes. However she now keeps grabbing my top and pulling it down and trying to feed during the day, in the supermarket was the worst as I only needed a few things so I was carrying her and juggling the milk and I had no free hands to fend her off with!

I didn't start denying her feeds or anything as she only has them twice a day but it seems that as soon as I mentioned the idea of not having breast milk anymore she has become obsessed with it. She usually lets me give her cows milk which I have started carting everywhere but sometimes she now gets really worked up and yells "Boobie" with lots of grabbing.

Is it a coincidence or do you think she really understood that she might not get breast milk soon?
Also, any tips?!

Tere are certain benefits for breastfeeding beyond 12 months (see below).
However you should decide yoruself based on what feels comfortable for everyone.
I stopped once my DD reached 1 year.
It all depends upon, if you feel comfortable then it is your choice.
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