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im a new mummy and i have no family where i live !! im so stressed as i cannot settle my 2 week old he cries all day hes is screaming and crying so i know he is in pain and everytime i give him a bottle he guzzles it down and he gets alot of wind he was on formula s26 gold but i find he was hungry after giving him 125 mls so i would give him 60 mls more but that still wasnt enough so i bought a new formula today novolac sleepy times thicker for a hungry baby but i found that i have to use infants friend as he cant get all his wind up and is suffering from a really bad belly ache i dont know what to do ive tried alot to settle his belly i burp him for atleast 15 mins or more he falls asleep then 5 minutes later he wakes up again i hate seeing my little man in this pain he is also sounding like he is spewing and then swollows it im so lost on what to do i give him warm baths to settle his belly and that doesnt work someone please help my midwife is no help or anything i cant drive anywhere as ive had a c -section and my partner works away i feel like ive failed at being a mother as i cant help my son when he is in this much pain
Congratulations on your baby. I know how hard the early days can be as both my kids cried all day and night and never slept. I found it very distressing and I was exhausted. I did whatever it took just to get by. If that meant sleeping whilst holding my baby I did it just to get through.
It maybe worth a trip to your doctor to see what they have to say as your bub may have silent reflux which is quite common in young babies.
After giving birth the hospital I had my children at always refers all mums to the local community nurse who gives advice on feeding, sleep, common problems, does regular weigh, height checks to ensure your bub is growing correctly etc. They also arranged groups of new mums to get together for further support. It maybe worth your while seeing if your midwife can refer you to your local nurse if they haven't all ready done so.
I hope I have been of some help. Just remember it is very hard now but does get better.
All the best.

Congrats on your baby! just wanted to suggest not to keep feeding your baby more when he's already had his share because this will make his tummy ache worse. The next best piece of advice I can offer is to try a baby wrap. My last baby had reflux and having him in the wrap helped so much. This means they are close to you (their head to your heart) and they are upright which helps with the wind. You can walk around, sit even go toilet and not disturb him! The wrap I used he was so snug I was even able to go to sleep in a semi lying down position without worrying about him slipping out. I would also go to the doc because if it is something like reflux they can give you some thing for it ( I used baby gaviscon which worked really well)

Best of luck
Congratulations on your new baby! It sounds like your little one has what is called 'silent reflux' however it is anything but silent. Your little one may not be able to tolerate something in the formula you have him on. When I transitioned my oldest from breast to bottle we tried a heap of brands to find the one he liked the best. We were lucky as we had a few friends all using different bottles and formula brands. We found Karicare Gold (now name changed to Aptimil? Gold) the best followed by Nan (the reflux one) the best with the 'closer to nature' bottles the best for stopping the air from getting in there in the first place. I also swear by the 'colic relief' by 'brauer' for gas. (All three have benefited from use. First was severely colicky and screamed for most the time prior to starting solids at 4 months without the colic relief. They have some great products too for bumps and bruises etc for you and bulbs once the crawling starts. ). Next I would talk to the doctor as he may have lactose intolerance (and most baby formula are created using cow milk which is high in lactose) and may need to switch to the other formulas that are based on the gentler goat milks etc. I wish you all the best and hope you can start enjoying a quiet well rested and fed baby soon. happy
Also, I had my first two via c section and my maternal health nurse arranged to come to me for the first 4 weeks. See if they will offer you the same courtesy. I was a mess with my first especially and they did help but one was horrid. Just remember that babies don't come with a manual and if you are worried if you're doing a good job, it means that you are trying hard and doing the best for bugs and that is loving them with all your heart.
congrats on the new bub, i know it can be very scary having a little one and not really having an idea what is wrong etc- you need to try and relax and calm down, take baby to the doctor to rule out reflux. trying to eliminate as much air bubbles in the teat as possible- gripe water helped me a lot in the early stages, trying different burping techniques which you can find by googling. Also helped me was elevating baby when he slept so he wasn't completely flat.

good luck with your precious bundle, you're doing great
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