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Breast Pads? Lock Rss


I am just wondering what breast pad brand worked well and was comfortable for you and how long you needed them for? Would you recommend disposables or cloth?

Thanks in advance smile

I started off with cloth pads which I really wanted to work however gave up after a month as couldn't find any which didn't leak. I tried several brands and doubled them up but I couldn't deal with the stress of always leaking milk through my clothes in inconvenient places (ie shopping mall, friends house). I swapped to disposable ones and never had a problem since. I've used multiple brands all of which have been fine (usually get rite aid as they're at woollies and often on sale). Originally I went through multiple pads a day however over time I leaked less milk until at ~5 months I was using them more as an insurance against leaking. Probably stopped using them altogether around 8 months as never leaked milk at all. Still occasionally breastfeeding my now toddler although slowly weaning.
I only used disposable ones tried a few samples but liked the johnsons ones the best. If you are wanting to try the reusable ones looks for ones with a PUL layer and they shouldn't leak through

I use avent cloth and think they are fantastic and very comfortable. They hold their shape and still look good after countless times through the wash.
I like the Johnsons disposable for their shape the best. Under clothes it doesnt look weird and has a nice indent where the nipple goes. As someone with large breasts & oversupply/engorgement, I found they didn't cover enough of my breast. This led to my breast being mishapen when I was really full, huge lumps where the pad didn't cover.

Avent disposable are larger in breast coverage, which was great, but the design creates a line in your clothes. i also found the day ones tended to need changing more often.

I also tried the avent cloth reusable pads. Handy and saves money, but I think I prefer the disposable. The cloth ones tend to stick to the nipple and can be painful moving/changing them.

Only other ones available near me are medela and pigeon disposable, so will try them next.
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