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When to start bottle feeding Lock Rss

My son was 3 weeks old on Sunday... Beautiful healthy little boy! He would be around 9 pounds now maybe abit more... I'm breastfeeding him, and I feel awful but I'm starting to enjoy it less and less, he never seems to be full, hardly settles after a feed anymore, I'm considering bottle feeding but I feel like the worst mother in the world if I do so! But I feel like if I had bottles my husband could help with feeding sometimes cause I swear my son would stay attached all day and night if he could... It's hard I'm not sure what to do, I know it's meant to be best for them, but I'm starting to get abit down about it. Any advice anyone would help! Thank you smile
Congrats on your wee one! It's completely up to you if you want to start bottle feeding and if you feel like it works for you guys then great! I will however point out that bottle feeding wont nessecerely make it any easier. Because he's still really little it often feels as though he wants to feed all the time and that mum has no milk. They only have small tummies and the breastmilk digests really fast. You actually ALWAYS have milk in there, The more you breastfeed the more you will make for him. At 3 weeks of age he will still be establishing your supply and he may also be going through a growth spurt. It's hardwork the first couple of weeks, but it absolutely gets better and easier! You just need to hang in there really. I'm not against bottles at all because my first was formula fed and I understand what its like. My second is exclusive BF and found at 6 weeks everything got heaps better! You really need to think about yourself and how you feel comfortable. Just be aware that once you start introducing formula your supply might drop and it may become a little harder to BF. If your looking for really helpful info The Milk Meg is awesome! Search her on facebook or google.

Congrats! lets me asure you, you won't be the only one in feeling like they want to feed all the time. Like flufarse said they are little and will need a lot. In saying that, I've learned that no matter when you choose to introduce the bottle (in my case anyway) I always felt bad about it. You could talk to your midwife or doctor about it. They can weigh your wee one and check that he's growing well other then that it is a decision you'll need to make. smile
Hi, huge congrats for your wee one, I just wanted to add that in the long run breast feeding can actually be so much easier and convenient but of course then only you can feed them. I've done it all ways, my 1st was bottle fed, 2nd exclusively breast fed for 18months and number 3 at the moment is having breast feeds and about 2 or 3 bottles per day. It's really nice that he'll take the bottle so I can go out and do some special things with my other 2. But then of course it means sterilising, boiled water and taking bottles with us! Which to be honest is more work for sure. The breastfeeding gets a lot easier I always found from about 6 weeks as well and then life in general seems to all start falliong into place from about 12weeks ish. For me it did anyway smile Best of luck to you, don't feel guilty though not matter what you decide, the Number 1 thing that's best for baby is a happy mum and I'm sure you'll be doing an amazing job.
Congrats on your new arrival. As everyone else has said, do try and continue with breastfeeding if you can. It is hard in those first few weeks but you are doing what nature intended and are giving your baby the best start in life. Both of my kids were fully breastfed so I can't comment on bottle feeding, however to me it sounds like it would be more expensive to go down that road with formula and bottles, not to mention constantly having to wash & sterilise bottles. You could get a breast pump and express milk, that way your hubby is able to help with the feeding too, however the more you feed the more milk you will produce.
In the end though, you have to do whatever works best for you. Best of luck smile
How much did he weigh at birth? If he is continuing to gain weight perhaps it's not your supply that's making him unsettled. Keep him upright to burp him he may have an upset tummy.

Breast feeding takes a lot out of you perhaps you could look into introducing a new diet for yourself to give you energy. The first 12 weeks are hard but trust me it gets easier and you won't feel like a milking cow for too long. Sounds more like you need a rest. Instead of daddy giving the feed perhaps he can do the bath, cuddles, nappy change when he is home.
Don't be surprised this can happen with all. You can go ahead but keep in mind that sucking milk from a bottle requires different mouth and tongue movements than breastfeeding, so it may take your baby a little time to get used to the change.
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