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Newborn not latching to breast Rss

my newborn is now 4 weeks old. She hasn't been able to latch on since birth. We have been to an ear nose and throat specialist who treated her with a lip and tongue tie. We have had a couple of Osteopath appointments as well and have visited a lactation consultant however no luck so far. I'm expressing before each feed and feeding her from the bottle. Has anyone experienced this before, is there anything I can do to try and get my newborn to latch on and breastfeed?
I know it is what your prefer but if bub won't latch onto your breast but will a bottle
Just express the milk and feed your milk through a bottle.
I have not breast fed myself nor fed either my babies my own milk, I used formula.
But if bub will only drink milk that way keep way. At only 4 weeks their weight can bounce
But the only way we want their weight to go is up.
I hope I helped a little. And I hope you getting bubba latching soon. X
Could you try a nipple sheild? Many babies that can't latch to an actual nipple can latch to a shield as it's similar to a bottle teat. When she grows a bit bigger you'll be able to ditch the nipple shield. I used them briefly with my son as he was prem and had a very tiny mouth and struggled to latch initially.

Try ringing la leche league, they will be probably be able to offer some advice over the phone and they may have a meeting you can go to in your area.
If you really would prefer to breast feed go back to the lactation consultant again, or try another one.
Looking back I wish I had got more help with breast feeding, I made it until 3 months with DS2, it was upsetting us both so much as he had trouble latching and would scream for hours because of what I thought was trapped wind, I was starting to feel really down, blaming myself for making him scream and it was either mum being ill, or baby on the bottle. He still struggled with the bottle, but at least I wasn't blaming myself so much.
He also had lip and tongue tie, which we had lasered a couple of days after birth.

Hi there,
I haven't had this issue with any if my 4 babies but other breastfeeding issues have been greatly helped by speaking to an ABA councillor. I met them face to face at their coffee mornings but they are also available on the 1800mum2mum 24hr phone number and I think online too.
All the best with your little one.
I recommend a breast shield also, when bubs sucks it pulls all the nipple tissue into the shield & makes for a bigger nipple & will probably feel like a bottle or dummy teat.
Mine was Medela brand from chemist warehouse & Target sell them too. Bout $20. Fantastic. I used cheaper ones too but they were nowhere near as good. You can only try. Formula & bottles are still going to grow a happy heathy baby so don't stress if it doesn't work out. Hard though I know.
I have had this same issue with both my babies. I'm due to have another bub in 8 weeks and still would like to try my hardest again to breast feed. Bubs will latch to my left side but not right. I've tried laying them in all positions shown by midwives, even they got frustrated. After four weeks it was just too painful, I was cracking, bleeding and my emotional status just went down hill. I'm going to try the nipple shield this time around and see how that goes. I expressed as much as I could then went to formula, they're still just as healthy as breastfed bubs smile
Helping knowledge
Hello, i'm Melissa. I'm thankful to find this site..
Hope to see you around.
Hi there. Is he ok now? I hope you are fine too. Have you consulted with any doctor? What he says? I wish you all the best. take care. Lots of love.
Hi, I know it's a bit late but how is he now? Nipple shields definitely help. I had the same issues with my LO. This helped me a ton
Could you try a nipple sheild? Many babies that can't latch to an actual nipple can latch to a shield as it's similar to a bottle teat. When she grows a bit bigger you'll be able to ditch the nipple shield. I used them briefly with my son. I found making sure my baby was actually hungry rather than just fussing helps a lot. Also feeding when in a dark/quiet area helps but not that practical with a toddler! The only other thing I can think of is some newborns can't keep up with the flow if you've got a fast let down so sometimes they're better if you get them to start until you feel the let down and then take them off until it stops then let them have their full feed. I tend to do this in the morning when my supply is at its highest.
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