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Breastfeeding after tongue tie snipped? Lock Rss

I got my babys tongue-tie snipped 3 days after he was born and he damaged my nipples pretty fast in those 3 days ... after it was snipped my nipples healed a little but i was still in alot of pain when breastfeeding, my nipple felt like they were being grated by a grater each time i breastfeed then 4 weeks later i found out i had a skin infection on my nipples and my midwifes was suprised i didn't get mastitus from it , now my babys at 6 weeks and my nipples still hurt ?
Hes latches on well
I dont have any blisters or cracks or anything on my nipples

Does anyone suggestions to make breasrfeedding pain free?
How has your breast and nipples been after you got your babys tongue-toe snipped ?
Are you still in pain ?

Hi, can I just ask what is tongue tie snipping? And why is it done? I've not heard of this before so I couldn't help you on this one.

Tongue-tie is when the bit of skin connecting under baby's tongue is short or comes to far to the tip of his tongue , stopping Baby from being able to latch on properly to the breast or have feed problems some times. It stop him/her from being able to poke babys tongue out and if not snipp they wont be able to lick a icecream properly or might have a talking problem depends on how far the skin comes up on the tongue . So if you babys born with tongue-tie and you get a doc to snipp it , it releases the tongue from being tied down pretty much ? Hope that makes sence im really bad at explaining things lol smile
Oh ok. Sounds like it would hurt? But if it best for baby then that's best. You learn somthing new everyday lol smile

Wow I feel for you right now, both mine had lip and tongue tie, both were lasered and things did improve, but we never completely got it right, even though I did feed til fourteen months with DS1.
Please go and get some help - This is the thing I mainly regret.
There are plunket centres where you can go and spend the day and they can help you.
For the first six weeks you have access to free lactation consultants, you may need your midwife to refer you, may be an option if you haven't been signed out of your midwifes care as yet.
There is also la leche league, you can ring their helpline and they can give you advice over the phone, and there are also meeting you can go to.
Good luck smile

Aww i've had some help from a lactation consultant and my midwife but they say im doing a great job ? And im doing the latching right and it'll just take time ?
Have you used a nipple shield, can help you nipple heal while still feeding?
Hi yes sorry i've used a nipple shield but it doesn't feel any different?
Can you try and go back for more help?
I also saw a lactation consultant and her and my midwife said it would get better, but it still wasn't right, next time I will ask for more help smile

Has the infection cleared? Have you been checked for thrush on the nipples?

Yup the infection has cleared , thats what they tested for thrush but it came back negative and come up with a skin infection , apparently its the common cause of mastitus thats why my midwife was suprised i didn't get it .
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