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weaning 9 month old - advice needed! Lock Rss

So I've been very lucky with my breastfeeding journey and have successfully done so for the past 9 months! I've decided that I want to stop by the time my daughter is 11 months but wondered how to do this exactly? At night time I always offer a formula bottle which is very hit and miss, otherwise I breastfeed her during the day. What advice do you have for weaning so my breasts adjust accordingly? She is having 3 meals a day too. She just loves the boob so any tips or ideas would be much appreciated.

I weaned my daugther at around that age too. I started by dropping the day time feeds. I would drop one wait about 3-4 days then drop the next day one. Then i dropped 1st morning feed and finally the night feed. Took just under a month to wean her. Was initially difficult getting here to take the formula but got there in the end.
When I start dropping the day feeds if she refuses the bottle do I not offer her the boob and give tough love, eg bottle or nothing?

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