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My bubs is 9mths old. I plan to breastfeed until 1 year plus but am looking for a formula to use sometimes. What brands have you found your bubs have liked?
It really depends on how bub's tummy reacts to different formula's. My son had bad reflux on S26 and Karicare but was fine with Novolac. I stopped using formula a week after he turned 1 since his diet was really good.

Just my opinion but personally if I'd gotten to 9months without formula I wouldn't bother trying to introduce it now as it'd probably be more trouble than its worth. Between 9-12 months most bubs dramatically increase the amount of solids they have and that comes with an associated dropping of the number of breastfeeds you do anyway. You're so close to being able to start giving cows milk I'd just be starting to give the odd few small cups to get bub used to the flavour. Any milk (cows or formula) can take a while for an older bub to accept as they will usually have a preference for breast milk.

Should add when I say small cups I really mean small. Like 20-30 mls just as a taste with her solid meals as 9 months is too young to use cows milk to replace an entire breastfeed. The reason for doing it is it could take a few months before she'll accept it and by which stage she may already be at the 12 month mark when you can use it to replace a breastfeed. I hope that makes sense. It took us 6 months to get my son to accept cows milk and even now he rarely wants it but in that time he naturally started having more solids and has almost completely weaned (just has milk before going to bed and occasionally once in the night)

If you do decide to try formula maybe ask someone else who's got a bub on formula if you could try a scoop or too rather than buy a whole tin only to find out they don't like it.

Good luck
I know what you are saying. I'm not trying to wean her. I am actually after some formula to use instead of solids for her midday meal because she was getting a bit constipated when I tried to give her three solid meals so I don't think she is quite ready for that but she wants more than just breast milk. I'm thinking maybe I can try giving a half formula and half expressed milk at that time. I just was wondering which formula is most popular.
Hiya, I used Karicare (not the Gold one) for my son once he got to 1 year old.

With the constipation, are you giving her much cooked apple/apple puree? This is highly constipating due to the pectin in the apple. Also bananas and weet-bix will often block them up. Apple puree is in a lot of those pouch foods for babies. You could try and swap it for pear puree instead as that helps them 'go'. Porridge Oats are good too.

She's probably old enough to nibble on some diced prunes to help get things moving too.

Hope she feels better soon! smile

Thanks for that. I didn't know that apples can cause constipation. I think she reduced the amount of milk she was having to much as well though because what she is eating hasn't changed just the amount she is eating has and the constipation has improved. She still strains but is able to do a good amount rather than lots of little bits which was driving me a bit potty with all the nappy changes. I'd like to give a bit of formula a go. I might see if I can get some karicare samples to try.
NAN is very good, both my sons were on it, it's made by Nestlé so it's good quality. I would highly recommend it. The gold ones are great, that what my 5 month has.

My boy took to cow's milk so well, he will actually stand by the fridge till you open it. He will then get the carton out and shake it so he can have a 'milkshake'. He does the same with juice occasionally but loves milk.
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