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Zymil milk Lock Rss

My baby boys is just over 7 months and he is fully breast fed will take a bottle occasionally but love his boob, I have been putting formula in his meals instead of expressing and he would projectile vomit when I would breast feed him up to an hour to 2 hours after meals. I switched to Zymil and he has not thrown up since, has anyone else given their little ones Zymil instead of formula? He will take it in a bottle and drink it all and won't vomit when I go to breast feed him after.
I'm no formula expert, but I do have a 6 month old currently on formula, and to my understanding, I don't think you should give any milk other than breast or formula to a baby under 12 months.
That's just what I've been taught as a mum and I've got 2 kids. They certainly can't have cows milk and they shouldn't have low fat milk either, also if they don't need lactose intolerant for medical reasons, they shouldn't have that either. Although in saying that, if your mix feeding (breast and bottle) then maybe it's ok to give the odd bottle of zymil? I have just always been told not to give babys under 12 months any milk other than breast or formula, then to introduce your milk of choice after 12 months.
If I was you I would ask a child health nurse or a paediatrician if its ok to continue giving it to your baby. Just to be on the safe side as a lot of 'adult' milks have bacteria in them which could be harmful to infants.

I definitely would not be doing this unless I'd spoken to a doctor for advice first. Agree with southcoastchick.... nothing other than breast milk or formula should be used. If you find zymil worked better than ordinary formula then you might want to try a lactose free formula (as zymil is lactose free).

I suspect is your bub is probably fine having had a bottle of it every now and then but I wouldn't continue doing it without checking with a doctor first.
Cow's milk is fine to be used in their foods (but not as a drink) from 6 months on when they start solids. This is the information I was given by our Plunket nurses (CHN). It's just that you don't want to replace their main milk drink source with cow's milk until they are over 12 months old.

So you can add it to their food eg in their porridge etc but you still keep their main milk drink/feeds as formula or breast milk.

So I see no issue with using Zymil in his meals but don't use it as his main milk drink.

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