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Baby not drinking when awake Lock Rss

Hi mummies, it's my first time posting thing up the net because this time, I am seriously helpless with my son who just turned 6 months. He is a formula fed baby as I ran out of breast milk. He was going fine as a newborn and I honestly don't know when it started to turn out this way. I'll say when he was around 2 months. He doesn't take the bottle when he is awake. First I thought it was the teat, then the temperature of the milk, then etc etc. Never ever thought if there's actually such a thing. Babiea don't take bottle when they are awake??? There was one time it took him one hour to get on my breast.

Say he is due for his nap, so I get the room ready and put him in the cot and then he will cry his lungs out, which I believe he is hungry. So I make his bottle and he WILL NOT take it, flick it, cry from it, anything you can think of. Once he's asleep, which may take 4 hours (overtired by then), that's when he starts drinking and sometimes he wakes up when I try to burp him and will stay up for another 2 hours. He doesn't cry for milk! He once went 12 hours without milk. The everyday battle... OMG! I was even spoon feeding him milk so that he can go to sleep better and he kept spitting it out. Made me doubt if it was the milk, but he's taking it still when he's half asleep. At night time is when he consumes the most. During day time, if he doesn't sleep, that means no milk.

I have just managed to put him to sleep and he is actually still sobbing with eyes closed while I am posting this. HELP please. It's draining me mentally. Will this stop?

Where abouts are you located? My son's 6 months old aswell,try wrapping him puttingand give him his bottle if he doesn't want it and keeps pushing it away maybe he just wants cuddles like my son he preffers to be wrapped up and cuddled to sleep then I put him into his bed,it could be the formula try asking your nurse when you take him for a check up ,?
Where abouts are you located? My son's 6 months old aswell,try wrapping him puttingand give him his bottle if he doesn't want it and keeps pushing it away maybe he just wants cuddles like my son he preffers to be wrapped up and cuddled to sleep then I put him into his bed,it could be the formula try asking your nurse when you take him for a check up ,?
I'm located in Melbourne. We just came home from the dr and he was pretty much telling me theres nothing wrong with him, he is just a baby that doesn't eat when awake. He said I will just have to keep putting up with him and hopefully one day when he starts to know about food he will know to drink properly. I have tried cuddling him until he settles (not asleep) and gave him the milk and it made him cry. It's like, "leave me alone!" I sometimes even forced it and he choked. I know it's rough but I had no choice. I have to try whatever that's possible. Also have tried wrapping him up and he doesn't like getting wrapped up. He cries once he realizes he has no freedom. Once I turned on the TV he actually drinks but never worked again. Sure I don't want to rely on TV for him to drink. Had no choice but to try everything. Won't be seeing the nurse until his 8 months old visit. I asked the dr if it was the milk he said no if he's still drinking it. I'm now trying to put him to bed and he's crying his lungs out again.. ????????
Hi there, I completely understand what you are experiencing as my daughter similarly rejected milk (first breast, then bottle) starting from about 8 weeks of age. The only way I could feed her was if she was asleep. I would drive around in the car until she drifted off, or fed her in her cot once she had gone down. It was hugely stressful, & left barely any time for anything other than settling a hungry, overtired baby and then feeding a (finally!) sleeping baby! We finally saw an improvement when we sought a second opinion, & our daughter was diagnosed with severe acid reflux. In hindsight, she did vomit a lot, but as I was a first time mum I didn't realise it was more than is normal.

Anyway, the doctor prescribed a medication for acid reflux called Omeprazole. Within a week her feeding greatly improved. We still had some bad feeds, but nothing like before. Our Dr explained that our daughter had had such severe acid burning her little throat that she had come to associate feeding with pain! (The poor little thing!) This was why she would feed when she was asleep - and therefore unaware of the fact that she was being fed - and would scream and scream if she was awake and aware of what was going on. To her, milk = pain.

I really recommend seeing a new doctor and asking if you could at least try Omeprazole or Losec. Even if your baby doesn't vomit a lot, he may have silent reflux where there is no vomit, but acid still burning him. Let the Dr know how much it is affecting your wellbeing and that of your son.

Finally - it will get better! Once my daughter was established on solids at about 8 months we were able to stop the medication. She is now 4 years old and perfectly healthy. She is a great weight and eats really well - including all of her vegies!

Good luck - you are doing an amazing job!!!
To be honest, I did do some research before seeing the dr. My instinct told me he has silent reflux. However, after the dr reassurance, I told myself maybe I was just thinking too much. My sister helps with taking care of him when I am busy with my daughter. She has told me a couple of times that my son has been coughing and vomit some milk out when she thinks he had swallowed them. This doesn't happen often, that is why when she told me about me, I took it as nothing major.

I should make it abit clearer here that there are times (not much) he won't cry when I offer him milk. He will just play around with the teat, make noises but will never take the bottle. Few times I chose to skip the feed thinking he will be really hungry when he wakes up and feel fresher after the nap, and will sure take his bottle but nope! He just plays around with the teat like its a teether and milk drooling out and a few minutes later, once he had enough, he will keep pushing the bottle away. Hungry baby not eating and when next nap is due, here we go again.

I'll say he is showing 30% of sillent reflux symptoms. I will take him to see another dr and get a second opinion. Thanks so much for your suggestion. Just wondering if you would know whether the medication would do any harm if he is taking it but he hasn't got the reflux?
I don't think the medication would harm him in the short term when you are trying it out, but I would definitely ask the Dr that question. You will know within a week or 2 if he is actually suffering from reflux as you should notice an improvement in that time. If not - it is probably not reflux.

I felt very guilty initially when giving my daughter the medication. It felt a little wrong to medicate her given she was so little. However, once it started working and I could see how much more content she was I no longer felt guilty - I was just so pleased she was no longer in pain.

I really hope you find the answer for your son. Hopefully as he is old enough for solids you might be able to work some milk into those foods - like homemade custard, pureed fruit etc.

Best of luck!
Can you try breastfeeding again ?
Maybe he has some colic? You could try giving some colic remedies before milk? It is always best to speak to your pediatrician too. Poor little baby though and I can understand your frustration.
Hi Jasmine,
I would love to breastfeed again if I can. Would you have an idea how to? I never knew that could happen.

Hi Michelle,
I will give some natural remedies a try. We've just started on some solids and he's doing good I guess. Thanks for your suggestion. May I know where I could get the tea? And also when does your baby started taking the bottle again?

Hi Malkin,
I doubt he has colic but sure will ask the dr for it. Maybe I can give it a try. Thanks for your reply. It is just so tough at the moment. I just had another "session" with him.
So here is the result of seeing a second dr. It was the WORST Dr visit I have ever experienced. I told him I think he has reflux, he doesn't drink when awake, he has this "old man" type of dry cough that's been going on for months, he's vomited an hour after his milk in and he is coughing/choking most of the time when I am feeding him in my arms. I told him everything that's been going on with me son and guess what I get as a reply. "He seems fine to me, his lungs are good. He is fine. He is putting on weight. We start to worry when he's losing" I said he is not losing weight because my sister and I put effort in feeding him and not just leave him sleeping. I said he has this cough that's been going on for months and he told me to bring him in when he's actually coughing. I said he cough mostly at night, he said then call the night dr. They available 24/7. Omg! I left the room in tears. At the same time I was leaving the medical centre, I just couldn't stop saying "how could you say a kid seems fine means he is fine" other people were looking at me but what the heck. I couldn't hold it together. You all should see they way he talked me to me. So cocky, very unprofessional. He sounds like he is just too afraid of misdiagnosing a baby and want to handball it to another dr. He didn't even question why is this baby not drinking when awake, at least ask something in regards to that? I kept on telling him he's been coughing for months and he kept repeating bring him in when he's actually coughing. Omg! Worst dr ever for those who wants to know. It's the one in Broady next to discount chemist. Dr David.
will go for another dr soon.
It sounds to me like it is a feeding aversion. My baby went through this. It is horrible. It started for her after 3 months when she got sick the second time with a sore throat. It got to the point she wouldn't feed at all. We ended up going to emergency at the children's hospital multiple times before they admitted us and realised there is an issue. She was misdiagnosed with reflux, with general fussiness, etc. I knew she didn't have reflux because she had it in March and it went away with Gaviscon for infants. Because she wasn't feeding much she developed constipation which made the feeding worse. They cleared the constipation with 2.5 ml of lactulose a day. You can get it from the chemist over the counter. Then from there she picked up her volume slightly. Still crying hysterically when fed... I found the best time to feed her was when she was drowsy. Then from there we went to The Nurture Centre where they helped us with some feeding strategies. We dreamfed her three times a day for the next two weeks, and the other 2-3 feeds in the day were when she was awake. From the third week onwards she fed awake. I found swaddling her helped as well when I fed her. She drank more because she wasn't constantly pushing the bottle away. The nurses at the nurture centre said they've had babies who would only feed in their sleep.
My advice is continue to dream feed for the time being. Slowly introduce bottles awake over time. If you suspect reflux try putting gaviscon for infants in the bottle 3-6 feeds a day for a month. If that doesn't help you might need omprezole to be prescribed from the doctor. I highly recommend seeing a Child Health Nurse and Paediatrician. A paed will help monitor your babies feeding over time. You can also try different teats and formulas too. We switched from Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature to Medela Standard teats. And we switched from slow flow to medium flow. I've read online it takes more effort for babies to drink from wide neck teats compared to narrow neck teats. Once her feeding went back to normal she started drinking from all types of teats again. Also we switched formulas to Aptamil Gold. I found this one is a more sweeter tasting one compared to S26 and NAN Comfort. Now at 6 months I've switched her to fast flowing teats, and feeding her 5 times a day, she has gone from taking an hour to feed to taking 5-15 minutes to feed. Hope that helps. Wishing you all the best xx
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