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Almost 6 month old not feeding Lock Rss

Hi everyone. My daughter who is 6 months on the 13th of this month is not feeding well at all. As my milk is decreasing we are trying to give her formula, it has always been hit and miss but on a good day she would take almost 150ml every 4 hours or so. Starting yesterday she is refusing the bottle - she had nothing at all from 4am until about 3pm and then it was only 30ml. She is on Aptimil gold +. She bf about 3 or 4 times overnight but today she again has had nothing since 4am. We started solids 2 days ago which she loves so I'm wondering if she is just being stubborn and wants solids over milk? Is she having too much overnight? Her poos also seem to be really big, green and like a paint consistency? Do I try changing formulas? Aaarrrggghhh so dont know what to do!!

Isn't it a frustrating time when bubba doesn't feed. Is she restless when she wakes in the middle of the night or purely hungry and wanting to be fed? Does she have a dummy or soothing toy? She could be going through a growth spurt...

I just Googled that Aptamil Gold Plus have a follow on for 6-12 months. This might be more filling for her and have a nicer taste? Have you tried this?

There are a number of things we tried that worked;

Change type of bottle or change the teet flow
Feed bubs some Farex of solids before bed to fill their stomach
Change of formula

At the end of the day if bubs is hungry, they will feed! Maybe try increasing her solids throughout the day is she's happy to let you... The change in her number two's could be due to a number of factors such as mixture of breast milk and formula along with the introduction of solids.

Good luck Momma!
Thanks for your reply smile
I ended up taking her to the dr today just to eliminate ear infection / sore throat etc. Shes all clear but the dr did recommend diluting the formula to 2 scoops per 150 ml not 3. And wouldnt you know it she had 2 x 150 ml bottles in the space of an hour and a half!!!! Absolute record. I have also given her some rice cereal before bed tonight just to see if that helps get a longer stretch. In answer to your question yes she has a dummy but usually she wont take it and resettle. Very rarely i can pick her up and give her a cuddle and she'll go back to sleep. I feel once she starts getting more milk / solids thru the day her nighttime sleep will improve (fingers crossed lol). Thanks for your reply again smile
Yay! Good work Momma. Your mind has been put at ease.

Here's to healthy (and full) bubbas and happy mothers.

Have a great evening smile
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