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Hi moms! Let me introduce me, I’m Laura, the proud mom of Ryan, a big handsome boy (4,1 Kg). He’s almost 2 weeks now, and I couldn’t be happier for having him. I wanted to rise what it would sound trivial for most of you, but it is a mystery for me. How do you heat your baby’s milk? And how do you check that it has the perfect temperature for your babies? I know that there are several ways of heating: water-bath using stove, microwave, electric baby-bottle heaters… but what do you use? Why? Is there something healthier (less bacteria or something) than others? And then, how do you check the milk’s temperature? Do you just test it on your hand? Taste it? Use an infrared thermometer? What is it better and why? Thanks in advance. Laura
just tempered , some bottle warmer got temperature indicator..
We just stuck them in the microwave with our son. It takes a few goes to work out exactly how long is needed to get the right temperature but once you've worked it out you just stick it in and set it to go. So much easier and quicker than the other methods. Just make sure if you microwave you give the bottle a good shake before testing the temperature as some microwave can heat unevenly. We just poured some on our wrist as the skin is much more sensitive than your hand.

The other thing we did was stop warming the bottles after a few months which was easy with the microwave as we slowly shortened how long we'd heat the bottle for. It's so much easier when out if your baby will drink room temperature milk than trying to find somewhere to heat it.
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