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Hi mums
I have an almost 9 month old baby girl who is fully breast fed. I am wanting to know what formula is closest to breastmilk as i want to use as an occasional thing and eventually more often closer to 12 months
Thanks mummys
Try S26 Gold Lactose Free, friendly with the baby stomach smile smile smile
Personally I'd just try one of the standard (not gold) cheaper cows milk formula. The gold ones have a tendency to cause constipation. Be prepared to try a few as a lot of breastfed older babies absolutely hate the taste.

The other option is to just slowly introduce cows milk so that your bub starts to begin to get used to the flavour now with the plan to use it to replace feeds in a couple of months (as you're not supposed to use it as a feed until 12months). Saves you getting bub used to formula only to have to swap her to cows milk!
I was told karicare was the closest to breast milk. But for me that was a bit to expensive so I tried the s26 gold but my little man had problems with not putting on weight even though he had 16 bottle one day. So we now use the NAN brand and he loves it. Not to expensive, he's now 9 kilo at 6 months (mind u he was 10p 7.5o at birth). Ask ur midwife or doctor though as they could help with ur decision
i am using Nutricia Aptamil Golf + for my daughter since born, she is 3.5 months old, never had problem. she is growing well as per average parameters, nil diarrhoea or vomit.
My daughter is 7 months old , the first 6 months she was on s26 and it did not work well with her at all , her poos were really smelly and dark green and always constipated. I changed her too nan comfort and it's awesome. her poos are really light coloured no constipation & drink lots more.
my son tried s26 gold for few months and he didn't drink much until changed to aptamil formula
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